Horror Show Sunday: Ah Ah Ah Ah Burning Alive, Burning Alive!

Shama Bibi Saijad MaseehAs long as I’m talking about Islamic radicals, I might as well keep it going for a while. In Islamabad, Pakistan, Sajjad Maseeh, 27, and his pregnant wife Shama Bibi, 24 were attacked by more than 1200 Muslims as the rumor got around that they had burned verses from the Qur’an.  Their legs were broken so they couldn’t run away, then they were held over a brick furnace until their clothes caught on fire, then they were tossed into the fire.  When Shama Bibi, who was four months pregnant, didn’t immediately catch on fire, the crowd wrapped her in cotton so she’d burn easier.  Yeah, these are all reasonable religious people, right?

While burning the Qua’ran is illegal in Pakistan, it’s likely that the couple didn’t even know they had done anything wrong.  Bibi was burning a few items that had belonged to Maseeh’s recently deceased father. According to family members, Bibl was “uneducated and probably didn’t realize she was burning the Qur’an and not just any documents.”  The outrage over this act was so great that the authorities had to promise to see that the murderers were brought to justice.  50 were arrested for questioning and four were found to be suspects and were booked.  Whether any will be tried or convicted is unknown at this time.

Islamabad ProtestThe fact that this is seen as at all acceptable in this day and age is reprehensible. Worse yet, because the Muslim influence in Pakistan is so powerful, those that murdered the couple will probably never face justice, something that is very well understood by their family members.  “I need justice but I am sure I won’t be able to get it, the clerics are too powerful,” Sajjad’s brother Iqbal said.

This kind of thing is all too common in Muslim-controlled Pakistan.  Not long after this, a British man, Mohammed Asghar, with a history of mental health issues was sentenced to be hanged for blasphemy.  Instead, he was shot to death in his cell by a guard.

How do you defeat such religious extremism when there are thousands of such fanatics willing to come out of the woodwork to murder people, just on the unsupported accusation of blasphemy?  What hope do we have to turn these cultures around when we see this kind of animalistic behavior on a regular basis? What the fuck is wrong with these idiots?  I guess we’ll never know, but we’ll keep finding more and more cases on Horror Show Sunday.

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  1. A truly barbaric thing. I wish Hitch was still around he could show everyone again "How religion poisons everything." Yet Christians have done as much, and still do in West Africa. This is not just a Muslim problem.

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