Enough of This “States’ Rights” Crap

states-rightsYou know, I get sick and tired of watching the idiot libertarians carry around their placards declaring “states’ rights” because we can all see right through it.  The only reason they care about the states at all is because nobody on the national scale takes their politics seriously.  They can’t get their candidates even close to the White House, except maybe on a Boy Scout tour, so maybe they’ll just shoot smaller, say at the state level, and make their stand there.  Of course, as has been pointed out many times before, there isn’t much of a move by the libertarians to work for big city mayors or state governors, so I really don’t get the point.

Then again, they only jump on the “states’ rights” bandwagon when it’s convenient for them to do so, as a recent example showed.  There was a fundamentalist Christian libertarian declaring that states had the right to define marriage as between one man and one woman and it was a violation of “states’ rights” to tell them otherwise. This was, of course, a reaction to the upcoming Supreme Court case which could, and hopefully will, decide gay marriage nationwide once and for all.  So I brought up the possibility that maybe some states might outlaw private ownership of firearms.  Don’t the states have the right to make those decisions?  Oh hell no!  Argumentum ad Constitution!  Of course, this ignores the fact that the real argument being heard before the Court is that not allowing gay marriage is a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment, among others.  It is a Constitutional issue and the states don’t get to arbitrarily ignore the Constitution, that thing they ratified and vowed to support and defend forever.  But, according to some libertarians, at least the religiously insane ones, states only have to follow the parts of the Constitution that they like and can ignore the rest.

They want to live in a little Libertarian nation where they make all the rules and get to shake their pathetic little fists at the evil federal government.  It doesn’t matter what they have to twist or contort to get their way, this is what they want and how they want to go about it.  All of the discussion I’ve had about libertarian ideology shows the inherent dishonesty and irrationality of their position, whether you’re talking about those imaginary “natural rights” or the demand for “Constitutional respect”, they’ve got nothing to back up their claims but lots and lots and lots of empty words.

In fact, just today, another one of them started demanding “states’ rights” for education, particularly on that stupid Oklahoma “we don’t want to teach kids anything that isn’t patriotic” history curriculum crap.  More libertarians showed up screaming “states’ rights”.  Well no.  I probably wouldn’t care so much if those uneducated idiots stayed in Oklahoma, but they don’t.  They move.  They go to other states.  They get involved in politics in other states.  They vote in national elections.  That makes it my business and there’s no way in hell that I want all of the states playing with different agendas and producing different grades of idiot.  It affects us all, therefore it is all of our business.  So long as your kids affect the future of my kids, fuck you and your “states’ rights”.

4 thoughts on “Enough of This “States’ Rights” Crap”

  1. Surprise of surprises. A post with which I am in total agreement. My only criticism is that you focus on libertarians. But they are not the only ones who trot out this states rights horseshit. Tea Party supporters, Republicans, neocons. They are all in love with the states rights horseshit and repeat it like it is a holy mantra. You should be just as critical of them as you are of liberatarians on this topic.

  2. States rights ended when they chose to become part of the Union. Total agreement time for the people of America to stand United against these right wing nut jobs who wish to claim states right to screw with the Constitution,or validate they're agenda of hate, and impose Christian Sharia law on our secular government.

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