History Isn’t Sexist

intolerant-liberal-hypocriteI recently had a kerfluffle with an Internet liberal feminist, although even though she self-identified as a feminist first and foremost, it could have been with any number of social justice warriors on the far left.  I responded to her demand that we as a society do more to recognize and celebrate the contributions that women have made to history and science.  I questioned her further and she also agreed that “people of color” and “homosexuals” ought to be equally lauded for what they’ve done for the world.  Hey, great, I have no problem with that, we ought to celebrate everyone who makes their mark in the world and helps the planet be a better place to live.

That was, until I asked her what skin color, gender and sexual orientation actually had to do with some of these discoveries. Take Alan Turing for example.  He was a brilliant mathematician who became the father of modern computer science. I probably couldn’t be writing this article if it weren’t for Turing.  There is no doubt that he was a genius and set the stage for significant improvements and innovations for mankind, but… what did his sexual orientation have to do with his work?  What is it about the work he did that couldn’t have been done had he been straight.  His homosexuality had absolutely no bearing on his historically significant work.  So why do these liberals spend so much time focusing on things that had no impact whatsoever on the ideas, inventions and innovations that we remember them for?

The same can be said of famous black scientists whose scientific accomplishments had fuck all to do with their being black.  Or female historical figures whose gender meant nothing to their feats.  These people are remembered fondly for their actions, not their genetic attributes.  The idea that we have a “Black History Month” or a “Woman’s History Month” or whatever to pay special attention to the skin color or gender of people whose actions had nothing whatsoever to do with their skin color or gender is really quite absurd.  When do we get to have a “Mustache History Month” to pay homage to those who were historically notable and just so happened to have a mustache?

Of course, this was right about when she started calling me a racist and a sexist and ran away to be comforted in some feminist “safe space” where she didn’t have to actually think about the absurdity of her belief system.  That doesn’t make my questions invalid though.  We don’t give special attention to people with blue eyes or big feet, why should we give special attention to people with dark skin or who are attracted to the same gender?  You know, for people who proclaim that they want equality for all (even though they clearly don’t), they sure want people on their side to feel special and get extra recognition.

The fact is, history is made by people.  Not black people, not white people, not males and not females.  It isn’t made by gays or straights.  It’s made by people who went out and did something worthwhile.  Marie Curie didn’t discover radium because she had a vagina.  George Washington Carver didn’t discover amazing things to do with peanuts because he was black.  His brilliance came from inside, not from his skin color.

I honestly have no idea why the liberal SJW crowd can’t get this through their tiny little heads.  To them, everything is race. Everything is gender.  Everything is sexuality.  They cannot imagine a world where people are not seen first and foremost for their physical characteristics instead of being acknowledged for their skill and intelligence and ingenuity.  That doesn’t matter to them, no matter how many times they pretend that it does.  They spend all of their time looking for excuses to blame racism and sexism, to proclaim that there must be discrimination against those who do not perform well instead of just acknowledging that when it comes to merit, you actually have to earn it.  These people don’t want to earn anything, they just want to be granted special rights and abilities and recognition because of how they look.

If you want to know the real racists and sexists and bigots, you have to look no further than the social justice warriors in the liberal camp.  History isn’t sexist or racist, you liberal morons, you are!

8 thoughts on “History Isn’t Sexist”

  1. Hi Cephus,
    long time lurker here. To be honest, historically, I can see how people's race, gender, sexuality etc. could have played a role in their accomplishments. It's not that hard really. For instance:

    – X Female Scientist was stubborn by nature and when people told her that women didn't belong in the sciences, she doubled down and studied Physics anyway.
    – Y Homosexual remained isolated from society because of the stigma and ended up spending his time reading literature, sparking his own interest in writing novels.
    – Z Greek was marginalized in 1900s Chicago, so he made it a point to become an American Citizen and run for office.

    It's rather hard to set apart genetic, social etc. attributes when discussing the accomplishments of others, since humans are a combination of their genetic attributes and the societal pressures of the groups they grow up and live in.Even imaginary attributes (such as feeling oppressed, even though you're not) can have significant influence on one's life.

    So, I don't think that "no impact" is a tenable position here. Not that I agree with your angry feminist here who (unless you're strawmanning) apparently had no decent counter-argument, other than name-calling. Geez. The middle ground in this case seems a lot more defensible.
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    1. I think the problem though is this. We are seeing the claims only held up for a remarkable few people who did remarkable things. However, this actually is the normal trend in great discoveries with only a few remarkable people doing remarkable things. So honestly, the race, nationality, gender etc. has nothing to do with it.

      How many people got shunned and did nothing? Or how many people got shunned and tried but achieved nothing? Just some food for thought.
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      1. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of people are born, live and die, having done absolutely nothing of historical note. That's just the way that it is. Only a very minuscule number of people actually do something that matters in the long term. Most people are just forgotten and rightfully so. However, there's this bizarre belief that in order to identify with and be encouraged by a historical figure, they have to share race, nationality, gender, or some other characteristic, such that everyone gets their own pet hero. The idea that in order for a black kid to idolize a scientist, that scientist has to be black, that for a woman to idolize a historical figure, that figure has to be female, is absurd. It's not good enough for people to be proud of others simply because they are human, they have to fit into all of the racial and gender stereotypes. That's just pathetic.

        1. Just because something is the way it is does not mean we have to settle for it, especially when it is within in out means and power to correct it, to improve it. You seriously think that of all the people who have been born, lived and died, there are not some who did not achieve something of historical note because of the often-times insurmountable barriers erected by prejudice and bigotry by those who held the reigns of power? If you do then your knowledge of history is woefully shallow and pathetic.

          Yet another strawman. You are so good at constructing them. There is no belief that a person has to share the race, nationality, gender etc. of historical persons in order to achieve themselves. But role models do matter in that they do help in inspiring a person to achieve, though this is not the sole factor needed. So it does help when a black child sees that there are blacks who have accomplished things similar to what whites have achieved. Imagine if circumstances were completely reversed. Instead of blacks having been historically discriminated against, it had been whites, with blacks having dominated the reigns of power. Do you think it would be completely unimportant and of no relevance for a white child to see whites accomplishing things and this being a source of inspiration for their own lives? If you don't see this, then you do not understand the social dynamics that have been at work in human societies and that still exert influence. This would yet be another subject area – along with philosophy, some subjects in science such as climatology, history – in which your ignorance is of staggering proportions. You really do need to inform youself on the social sciences.

  2. "When do we get to have a “Mustache History Month” to pay homage to those who were historically notable and just so happened to have a mustache?"

    I am all for it if you can provide the evidence demonstrating that mustached people were or are a class of people who were discriminated against and thus had hurdles and barriers to overcome that were not in the path of others in their efforts to achieve something. We don't celebrate blacks, gays, and women for their achievements because they are black, gay or a woman. We do so because they managed to achieve something despite the hurdles based on prejudice and discrimination that were placed in their paths; hurdles and barriers that members of classes not discriminated against, such as men, heterosexual, and caucasians, did not have to confront.

  3. I nearly left the Atheist cause over this Bullshit Atheist plus crap that was being pushed by militant feminist. I have been along time local member, and in 25 years never had a single complaint from female attendees at any Atheist event I went too. These stories of others misbehaving were mostly fictitious, and part of a Feminist agenda.

    1. Atheism+ was just a joke, the only people who ever took it seriously deserved to. I couldn't care less what they think or what they want, they have no effect on my life or on my beliefs. They're laughable at best, ridiculous most of the time and there are plenty of people who recognize how stupid modern radical feminism really is. Why bother?

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