Acceptance vs. Approval

approveI know I’ve said this before, probably because I’ve said just about everything there is to say about religion and politics before, but once again, I came across something on YouTube that made me want to present the simple reality to the incredulous once again.  In fact, I came across this on a couple of videos about feminism, where the lunatic left fringe apparently still has this really bizarre idea that just because they have a right to do a thing, that it somehow behooves absolutely everyone, everywhere, to encourage and approve of them doing that thing.  I wrote about this a while back regarding tattoos, that just because someone has the right to draw all over themselves with permanent markers doesn’t obligate me to support their idiotic actions. Just because someone has a right to be a moron, that doesn’t mean I’m not perfectly justified to point out just how stupid they are.  I can’t stop them, I don’t have to approve of their actions.  The way you act and the way you dress and the things you do to yourself, it’s entirely up to you if you want to do it but people are free to think your actions are foolish.  Like it or not, actions have consequences.  Just because someone accepts your right to do a thing doesn’t mean you automatically get their approval.

Of course, it’s not just the left, you get plenty of people on the far right who seem to have the same idea, just more evidence that the ultra-right have more in common with the ultra-left than they do with normal people.  When it comes to religion, these people not only want to be allowed to practice as they see fit, they want to be commended for filing into the churches and rewarded with widespread social acceptance.  Anyone who dares disagree with their choices is suddenly discriminating against their religious freedom.

See, I do care what some people think about me, people who are actually part of my inner circle peer group.  Their opinions matter.  I may act or not act because of what I think they will find acceptable.  For those outside of that group?  Fuck you all. It doesn’t matter to me one whit.  My question is, if these people within your in-group matter so much to you, why didn’t you seek out their opinions before you took the action, instead of expecting them to all blindly accept whatever you do?  If you don’t care enough to consult them ahead of time, why do you care at all after the fact?  More importantly though, why do you care at all about what some random person on the Internet has to say? The whining and moaning and gnashing of teeth among liberals trying to defend their actions is legendary.  Why?  Are they so emotionally weak that they can’t stand it that someone out there doesn’t like them?

Freedom of choice is not freedom from criticism.  Yes, you can get a tattoo that says “Fuck You” on your forehead, nobody is going to stop you but nobody has to respect your action either.  You can color your hair whatever color you want, but as much as you have a right to do it, others have a right to tell you that you look like an idiot.  You can wear any clothes that you want, you can drive any car that you want, you can express any opinion that you want, but there is a difference between allowing you to act and validating your actions.  This seems to be something very difficult for some people to comprehend.  Whether you like it or not, there is no right to be liked or respected or agreed with.  That kind of respect is earned and far too many people simply don’t care to do it, they think it’s just magically theirs to command.

They are wrong and they need to stop whining when they don’t get what was never theirs to begin with.

3 thoughts on “Acceptance vs. Approval”

  1. A good analogy to this which should help people understand choices and that others may not approve, is music choice. There is a lot of music that I do not like and I do not have to enjoy listening to it just because you like it. In the same way, I would not expect someone to like all the music I listen too.
    My recent post Scientist and theist?

    1. I think music is a pretty interesting one though, you'd think that if I don't like the music you like, I just don't have to listen to it. However, there are a lot of people who are extremely fanatical about particular kinds of music and anyone who doesn't like it gets attacked and insulted. I've had people get really pissed whenever I've said I just don't like rap or hip hop or whatever, in fact, I've been called racist because I said I didn't enjoy rap. That kind of thing is really exactly the opposite of what I was talking about, but just as applicable I think. Good point.

  2. Jim, You made me laugh out loud! Hope it is a bit of a biography! Wilson, It is sdehculed to release in May (but you never know). Too early to be out on Amazon. Zondervan has the manuscript so it is in their hands now. Thanks to all for praying for Christian Atheist to impact people through Wal-Mart.

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