Horror Show Sunday: Wanting to Kill the Wrong Person

Afghan RapeThere’s so much wrong here, it’s hard to know where to begin.  When an Afghani mullah raped a 10-year old girl in a mosque in Kunduz, Afghanistan, he simply declared that it had been consensual sex and therefore everything was okay.  However, as horrible as that might be, there’s no such thing as consensual sex with a 10-year old girl no matter how you spin it, it just continues to get worse from there.  Not satisfied with this, the girl’s family decided they would perform an “honor killing” of the girl because she had dishonored them.  Not the mullah, mind you, the guy who raped their daughter, but the little girl who was abused by an older man.  Yeah, still not bad enough though.  The mullah offered to marry the girl and the police, under pressure from the family, released her from police protective custody and handed her over to the very people who were openly planning on murdering her!  Luckily, this didn’t happen, in a rather surprising turn of events, many of her family has come together and embraced the girl again once the mullah was arrested and charged.  “She was raped and is a child, and if we killed her, how would we answer to God on the day of judgment?” said her uncle, Mohammad Rasoul, outside the court.  I don’t know, why don’t you ask the other assholes who murder their family members in pointless “honor killings”?

There isn’t any real question that the rape occurred, it was so violent that the girl suffered a fractured fistula, the bone between the vagina and rectum and she was bleeding so badly that at one point, her life was in danger until she reached medical attention.  This isn’t consensual sex.  This isn’t rough sex.  This is violent rape.  Now you might expect the mullah, Mohammad Amin, to get off scott free because he’s a “man of Allah” but luckily in this case, that didn’t happen,  In a publicized trial, the girl, unnamed because of her age, had the courage to stand up and accuse him publically.  Amin was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his actions.  It’s lucky that this didn’t happen a few years earlier, rape was only made a crime in 2009 with the passage of the Elimination of Violence Against Women law.  Amin’s lawyers argued that he should be punished with Sharia law, given 100 lashes and then released. Fuck Sharia law.

No surprise this ends up on Horror Show Sunday.  Frankly, while things turned out passably well in the end, the idea that the family ought to kill the girl is absurd.  They ought to want to kill the mullah.  In fact, the girl asked the judge to hang the mullah at the trial but he refused.  Rape doesn’t carry the death penalty.  I don’t know why the hell not, being raped seems to for a lot of Afghani Muslims.

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