Horror Show Saturday: Muslim Drive-Bys

Rasoul Al Mousawi
Rasoul Al Mousawi has another hole in his head, thanks to extremist Islam.

I’ve posted recent stories about Muslim violence in the Middle East, in Africa and in Europe, but there are massive problems all over with this “religion of peace”.  In Greenacre, Australia, Rasoul Al Mousawi was shot in the head with a pellet gun in a drive-by shooting. He was taken into surgery and expected to survive.  A friend of Al Mousawi’s reports that a group of men drove past the Houssaineyat-Alnabialakram Association in Greenacre several times before shouting “ISIS lives forever!”  He further stated that the men called them “‘Shia dogs’ and they threatened to come back down tonight and kill you, shoot you, whatever.”

Mousawi was walking his family home, planning to come back to the mosque to do some cleaning, when the group of men drove by and shot him in front of his family. While police didn’t immediately have any leads, it is suspected that the attackers belonged to the conservative Sunni Wahhabi sect, with whom the mosque attendees had run-ins with in the past.

This just proves that the crazy Muslims will attack just about anyone, even people from their own religion.  I’ve written in the past that the reason we don’t see this from Christianity isn’t because there aren’t violent Christians out there, just waiting for an opportunity to attack the infidels, but because secular society in most nations where Christianity is widely practiced has neutered the religion to the point where violence is rare.  In the Middle East, such a secular society doesn’t exist and it isn’t surprising at all that violence reigns, but we’re now seeing that recent immigrants from the Middle East and those who hold allegiance with the extremists are also spreading out to other parts of the world. Fundamentalist Islam doesn’t recognize secular society even if it finds itself in a nation where religion is kept under the secular thumb and things like this happen.  I wish I could say that such religious violence is unheard of but clearly, that’s not the case. It’s not the people, it’s the religion.  That’s something that people should keep in mind as we finish another week-long look at religious horrors and especially on Horror Show Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Horror Show Saturday: Muslim Drive-Bys”

  1. I am working on a post about Islam myself at the moment. It will be due in a few weeks and I hope you don't mind that I am linking this horror week as I think it makes a very strang case for what I am planning on saying.

    1. Help yourself. It's really sad that Muslims are making up the majority of Horror Show stories recently. Christians had the worst track record, but now Muslims are going to overtake both Catholics and Protestants as the most horrific religion on the planet.

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