Horror Show Friday: Muslim Educational Blues

Pakistan School MassacreTaliban militants yelled “God is great!” as they rushed through a school in Pakistan, shooting students in an hours-long siege that left 132 children dead and more than 100 others injured, many with gunshot wounds. “They started shooting indiscriminately,” military spokesman Gen. Asim Bajwa said, “and that’s where maximum damage was caused.” He speaks of an auditorium where many students were taking a test when the gunmen opened fire.

One 14-year old student, Ahmed Faraz, who survived told the dark tale.  ” ‘A lot of the children are under the benches,’ ” a Pakistani Taliban said. ” ‘Kill them.’ ”

The local Taliban group, known as Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, or TTP, sent seven men into the school to kill as many children as they could.  In addition to the 132 children that were killed, 10 administrators and 3 soldiers also lay dead at the end of the 6-hour long siege.  Officials say that this latest atrocity will have no bearing on Pakistan’s long-standing war against the Taliban.

Now you might suggest that this represents a political and not a religious attack, but you have to remember in extremist Muslim thought, there is no difference between religion and politics, all of it comes from their reading of the Qur’an.  The founder of the Taliban, Mohammed Omar, is a Muslim spiritual leader, who created the Taliban as an Islamic ruling body that enforces Sharia Law, particularly the extremist Deobandi fundamentalist sect’s interpretation thereof.  To say that these people are not attacking because of their religion is to fundamentally misunderstand Muslim thinking.  Islam is an all-encompassing belief system.  For devout Muslims, there is nothing in life that is not Islam.  The Qur’an defines how people should believe and think and act in all situations, political, social and religious.  There are no inherent limits.

So again, we have Islamic animals moving to murder in the name of their religion.  I’d say I don’t get it because these are not the moves of rational people, but these aren’t rational people, but delusional ones.  A rational people would realize that whatever shock value murdering children in a school might have, it isn’t going to make you any friends or allies.  It’s just  going to make people hate you even more.  But then again, these people don’t  care about being liked  because they hate everyone who doesn’t fall into their Islamic camp anyhow.  We’re all infidels.  They hate us all.  They want to either convert us or kill us, there isn’t any middle ground where we can co-exist.  We’re just future targets.  That’s something important to remember.

Bloodshed  stains Horror Show Friday once again and it’s no surprise Islam is the cause.


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