Horror Show Monday: Killing over Cartoons

cherif-said-kouachiThere’s a story here that I need to tell before I get to the story for the week.  This originally got written right after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in early January.  For April, more by happenstance than by design, the month had already been chock-full of Muslim religious horrors and I was already backing up, as usual, on stories, so I was going to do yet another week-long Religious Horror Show at the end of the month and turn the whole month of April into “What the fuck are these crazy Muslims doing?” thing.  But the more I thought about it and the more horrors that Muslims in France racked up, the more I realized that waiting that long wasn’t going to work, I had to get these stories out faster.  So I started looking and realized that I had filled all of January already and virtually all of February, the earliest I could squeeze in another full-week Horror Show was at the end of February so that’s what I’m doing.  That’s the problem with having so many religious horrors, making them topical is really difficult!

As I’m sure everyone is well aware, Muslims in France staged a nationwide terror campaign, starting off with this story, where two Muslim gunmen burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satire magazine and opened fire, killing 12.  The two masked assassins broke into the offices shouting “Allahu Akbar” and started shooting.  Eyewitnesses heard one of the men proclaim “Hey! We avenged the Prophet Muhammad! We killed Charlie Hebdo!”  There is absolutely no question whatsoever that this was a religiously motivated attack, although those wacky liberals almost immediately leapt to the defense of Islam, saying there wasn’t any reason to think this was about religion.

No, these two Muslims decided to attack a magazine, shouting religious slogans and shooting cartoonists who dared to draw pictures of Muhammad.  Nope, no religion there!

The guilty are Charif and Said Kouachi, both in their 30s and 18-year old Hamyd Mourad.  Mourad later turned himself in to authorities, but the Kouachi brothers fled, stopping just long enough to shoot a wounded policeman in the head.  They robbed a gas station, stole a car and ended up at a printing plant in Dammartin-en-Goele, near Charles de Gaulle airport.  While they were cornered there, a spokesman for Al Qaeda in Yemen issued a statement in English that they were responsible for the attack and was performed as “the consequences of the persistence in the blasphemy against Muslim sanctities.”  In other words, it was religiously motivated.  The brothers were killed at the plant and a police spokesman Yves Albarello reported “they said they want to die as martyrs.”

But this wasn’t the end.  Oh no, it continues to get worse as the Muslim reign of religious terror in France continued, but that’s a story for another day.  I guess we can’t be surprised at anything that I report on Horror Show Monday.


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