Horror Show Sunday: Toronto Rabbi Molests Boys

Heshi NussbaumI guess this is starting out to be a sex abuse month.  We started off with a Christian minister molesting children, then a rogue Catholic priest raping teachers, now a Jewish rabbi sexually abusing boys.  What are the odds?

Pretty good as it turns out.  Heshi Nussbaum, a Toronto rabbi, has reportedly been molesting boys in the Canadian Jewish community for many, many years.  It’s been an open secret among the community for a very long time, but it wasn’t until 2012, when three men came forward and filed charges against Nussbaum, that anything started to change.  Rabbi Nussbaum, who taught at a Jewish school called the Eitz Chaim Schools, plead guilty to abusing six boys under his care.  The three men, known only as “Survivor A”, “Survivor B” and “Survivor C”, charge that Nussbaum sexually assaulted them when they were young teenagers and even though they reported the assaults to the school, the school did nothing whatsoever to address the charges.  The first victim, “Survivor A”, charged that Nussbaum used his religious position and influence to molest him repeatedly, saying that he was inappropriately touched and forced to engage in oral sex with the rabbi.  Similar stories were told by the other two victims that came forward.  Police suspect that there may yet be further victims of Rabbi Nussbaum’s pedophilic proclivities and invite them to come forward.

Nussbaum is now a convicted sex offender, although he has never been ostracized from the Toronto Jewish community.  The three victims have filed multiple lawsuits against Nussbaum and the school, asking for multiple millions in compensation. Here’s hoping they can collect, although I think we all know that it won’t change anything, these insular religious communities are notoriously inflexible and unwilling to change.  Just because they have a sexual predator in their midst doesn’t mean they’ll do anything to deal with the problem.  Their religious beliefs are far more important to them than the safety of their children.

So that’s three sex abuse cases in three weeks here on Horror Show Sunday.  I wonder what next week will bring?


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