Killed by a Crucifix

Crucifix Falls
Jesus fall down, go BOOM!

Maybe someone is trying to tell these people something.  A little under a year ago, which tells you how far behind some of these stories actually are, in northern Italy, Marco Gusmini was crushed when a 100-foot tall crucifix, dedicated to Pope John Paul II, fell on him.  The crucifix, which fell during a ceremony to commemorate the then-upcoming canonization of the former Pope, harmed no one else, but it was reported that at least one group of children was present at the event and could have been hurt.

This is hardly the first time that a crucifix has killed someone in Italy.  In 2004, a 7-foot crucifix fell on a 72-year old woman in Sant’Onofrio.  Of course, I’ve reported on at least one crucifix-related injury here in the past as well.

So why don’t the religious get the hint that their God might be trying to relay a message?  You might even wonder if God might be telling them to stop erecting idols to bow down to, just like it says in the Bible.  But of course, they’ll never acknowledge such a thing because these are idols erected to their imaginary friend, not someone else’s imaginary friend.  They never stop to think that their deity might be equally jealous of these graven images as he supposedly is of all others.  Or maybe it’s just the poor construction methods of people who put these crosses up, thinking that maybe God will help beat the building codes.  Who knows.

Actually, another possibility worth looking at is this is the work of the real deity, pissed off that Christians are worshipping a false idol.  That’s something else that will never cross their tiny little Christian minds.  Regardless, file this under “religious oddities” and get on with your day.



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