Horror Show Sunday: Raping the Teachers

catholic-church-sexual-abuseI guess these priests don’t care who they abuse.  In France, a 40-year old priest has been charged with raping several teachers at a school that he ran, where he practiced exorcisms.  He ran the Ecole Notre-Dame-de-la-Sablonnière school in Goussonville, just outside of Paris, where he performed an exorcism on a female teacher, during which he reportedly raped her.  She was left so disturbed by the events that she was unable to describe them to investigators.  Not satisfied with the first rape, he convinced two other female teachers to undergo similar exorcisms, where he also raped them.  These second two said that he used his “spiritual influence” over them and that brooms, toothbrushes and scissors were used on them during the event.

Police tried to get involved in the crime after those two teachers reported it, but the ultra-fundamentalist Society of St. Pius X tried the priest in religious court and sentenced him to two years in a monastery.  Note, not called the cops, not threw him out of the priesthood, not excommunicated him, they put him in a monastery.  Surprises here?  Nope.  This isn’t something we can blame on the Vatican, for once, as the Society of St. Pius X refuses to acknowledge the authority of the Vatican.  So we have rogue Catholics mishandling a rogue priest performing rogue sex acts on people he’s got authority over.

Pretty much everyone acknowledges that the unnamed priest has mental problems.  When the police were interviewing him, he claims that he didn’t actually rape anyone, he just pantomimed the sex acts.  Yes, priests faking rape is now somehow a defense.

I think it’s clear that this is a problem that is epidemic across all religious lines.  It isn’t just the regular Catholics, it’s the rogue Catholics too.  It’s the Christians.  It’s the Muslims.  It’s the Buddhists and the Shintos and the Jews.  It’s all of them.  Yes, these are people who might well have raped anyhow, but being religious put them in a unique position of power where they had not only the access to their victims, but an inordinate amount of influence over their victim’s mental state and the belief of their victims that they had a higher authority to do what they did and refusing them could get them into trouble not only here, but for all eternity.

So another one down, earning their place on Horror Show Sunday.  Anyone doubt this will go on and on and on forever more?


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  1. What I can't understand is that in effect the whole organization is guilty of criminal complicity (if their is such a law in France). In the case of the Vatican its more complicated as they are a sate, but this group is not a state according to my understanding. As such surely they should not just stop at the priest but go for the jugular.
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