Horror Show Tuesday: Is It Better If Someone Watches?

john-balyoIt’s not just the Catholics.  A Christian radio host in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been convicted of sexual assault on an 11-year old boy and sentenced to 25 years or more in prison.  John Balyo, a Christian broadcaster, arranged with another man, Ronald Moser, to procure young boys for Balyo to have sex with. According to court documents, Moser would bring the boys to a local Fairfield Inn where Baylo would shower with the boy, take nude pictures of them and induce them to perform orally on him while Moser watched.  Is it better if someone else watches you abuse young boys?  The courts sentenced Balyo to the minimum sentence for sexual assault on minors – 25 years, but he faces additional time, up to 50 years total, when they consider other charges such as possession of child pornography and sexually exploiting a minor.  Moser will also face similar charges and faces up to 40 years in prison.

This is a really disturbing case.  They found that Balyo had a storage unit filled with child pornography and what has been described as a “rape kit”, which included bondage equipment that he reportedly used on the boys and a child-sized mannequin which he reportedly practiced on. He also had articles describing how to get away with distributing child pornography.  Prosecutors described him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, saying he fed a morbid sexual fascination with children.  Judge Robert Holmes Bell said during the sentencing, “I’m having a lot of trouble trying to reconcile two people in the orange jumpsuit before me. There’s the Christian man with a reputation as a value-driven individual. But there is something else going on that is troubling … filthy, obscene. I don’t get it. I don’t get where you went off.'”  At the time of his arrest, Balyo had just gotten married and his wife was pregnant, but upon his conviction, she’s left him and filed for divorce. He was arrested at a Christian music festival in Gaylord, Michigan.  Adios John, don’t drop the soap!

I wish I could say this stuff was rare but it’s not.  It isn’t a surprise that nobody is really surprised when we find that Christian holy rollers getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it’s far too common.  The more you profess religious piety, the more likely you are to be diddling kids under the table.  Such is the nature of religion.  Off to the hoosegow with you, John Baylo, hope you enjoy your time on Horror Show Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Horror Show Tuesday: Is It Better If Someone Watches?”

  1. The real sad thing about these stories is that even without religion they will likely still happen. It is just that religion allows these offenses to carry on way longer that normal as people trust the religious authority figure as they are meant to be holding the moral high ground. Its like the catholics and there desire to keep the abusers at the pulpit.
    My recent post Social Justice and Atheism

    1. Yes and no. Yes, there will still be horrible people who will take advantage of children. No, they won't have any socially acceptable reason to justify it. The same is true of all forms of religious insanity. You're going to have people murdering other people. You just won't have anyone arguing that Allah told them to do it. We'll be able to deal with them like the completely delusional whacko-loons that they are or we'll be able to find out rationally why they do what they do without a bunch of morons standing up complaining that we're violating their religious rights. Get rid of religion and not only does the Catholic Church go away, but we won't have people pointing to an ancient book of bronze age mythology as a rationale for keeping men celibate and thus, taking their sexual expression where they can get it.

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