Horror Show Monday: None are Innocent

pope-geisingerI complain a lot about the total clusterfuck that is the Catholic Church, especially when it comes to how they handle their massive pedophile priest problem. I’ve said in the past that they ought to just get someone out there to make sure these cases are handled effectively and efficiently, such that they get the messed up priests out of the churches and into prisons where they belong.  So Pope Francis did exactly that, he selected a priest in the U.S. to be in charge of sexual complaints made against priests.  Unfortunately, this priest has, in the past, failed to report and respond to sexual abuse complaints.  Is anyone surprised?

An American Jesuit named Reverend Robert J. Geisinger, hand-selected by Pope Francis to be the official “promoter of justice” in the American Catholic Church.  However, it’s come to light that Geisinger was second in command in Chicago during the Donald McGuire sexual abuse scandal in the 90s. McGuire was sentenced in 2006 to a 25 year prison sentence for molesting two boys.  The Jesuits settled with six victims of priestly sexual abuse in 2013 for $19.6 million, but the court documents reveal something interesting.  According to the courts, the Jesuits were found negligent in reporting sexual abuse to police and in taking effective steps in keeping McGuire from molesting the boys.  Geisinger knew about the reports against McGuire and did nothing about it.

Sure, that’s a guy I want in charge of handling sexual abuse charges on a national scale!

We know that Geisinger was aware  because he received a memo, written by Reverend Richard H. McGurn in 2002, informing him of the six complaints against McGuire and asking advice.  Geisinger responded that they should restrict McGuire to the Chicago Archdiocese and explained how they could dismiss McGuire if need be, but never once suggested that they contact the proper authorities to investigate these serious allegations.  Sorry, that’s exactly what’s required for the position that Geisinger now holds if he’s to be taken seriously.  But the Vatican doesn’t want their priests put in prison, they want to continue to hide the problem for as long as they can, knowing that their delusional parishioners will continue to fill the offering plate week after week to pay the sex abuse settlements.  If he wanted this taken seriously, Francis would have selected someone with a spotless record of going after these collared criminals but that’s really not what he wants, is it?  It’s all for show, not for effect.

So there we go, more evidence that the Catholic Church really doesn’t want to solve the kiddy-fucking problem, they just want to make themselves look better to the general public and provide a little plausible deniability for the hierarchy when the next sex abuse scandal hits.  After all, it isn’t Pope Francis at fault, he put someone else in charge that he can throw to the wolves to save face.  Yup, it’s definitely Horror Show Monday.


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  1. The catholic church almost comes across as a highly publicized pedophile network that no one can touch. Its a conspiracy theorists dream, unfortunately its not a conspiracy theory in many ways. This is once again the Pope looking good for the public, but towing the official Catholic line of doing nothing.
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