Black Crime Kills Black Crime Apologist

David RuenzelWell, today is Martin Luther King Day and, as you know, I really hate to keep bringing up these things like a broken record but once you start having conversations about a particular subject, it usually turns into fodder for a lot of posts on similar subjects. It happens no matter what kind of subject I’m busy debating, be it Christianity, Islam, free will, sexism, etc.  So please indulge me while I bring up a story that came up in a recent discussion that I thought was both tragic and darkly and ironically slightly humorous.

David Ruenzel had made a comfortable life for himself writing about white privilege for the Southern Poverty Law Center. He never missed an opportunity to write about how whites were so bad to blacks and how whites are always going to be racists and white-on-black violence and hatred was endemic.  This is something that the Southern Poverty Law Center is infamous for, it’s something they spend a lot of time talking about because, of course, it’s a harbor for extremist liberal thought.

In particular, David Ruenzel held the position that whites were never at risk from black crime, even though the evidence said otherwise and crime statistics in the Oakland area where he lived and worked continued to grow.  He figured that his own white privilege made him immune from being attacked or killed by blacks, at least right up to the time when two black men attacked him in a park and killed him.

Unfortunately, liberals like Ruenzel tend to ignore black crime and black racism because their liberal outlook makes it impossible for them to consider that blacks can be just as racist as whites.  It’s just not compatible with their Critical Race Theory.  Thus I’m sure that when he was fatally shot by two black men, his last thoughts couldn’t imagine that such a thing could happen.  After all, black-on-white crime wasn’t possible.  Blacks are victims, not perpetrators!  Yet he died, having been a victim of the very same black crime he had spent more than a decade excusing.

Black on White ViolenceCertainly I’m not celebrating the senseless death of Ruenzel, every unnecessary death is tragic and my heart goes out to his family, but there’s a certain poetic irony at work here, one that I’m sure will go straight over the heads of my liberal readers. However, there is a problem here that many liberals simply will not acknowledge because it conflicts with their basic worldview.  There’s a term that we refer to a view that cannot be changed by evidence and that term is “blind faith”.  Atheists among us might remember how well represented that is among theists.  Why would they accept it among liberals?

I bring this up on Martin Luther King Day because I feel certain that if King was alive today, he’d be mad at the black community and the liberal community equally.  Yes, I could have made a joke about King banging on the lid of his coffin but that would be tasteless.  Fully, but tasteless.  I honestly don’t think he’d have any respect for where race relations have gone in this country over the past 40 years.  He had a dream where things improved.  They haven’t improved, blacks have just gotten angry and violent and liberals are only too happy to let them do it and not hold them accountable.  In fact, they’re happy to spur them on.  The fact remains that blacks are 9 times more likely to be killed by other blacks than they are by whites, yet the media only shines a light on white cops who kill black criminals.  The rhetoric is strong but rhetoric doesn’t describe truth, only evidence and reason can do that and the mindless rhetoric of the left has far too little of those qualities.

Can we just admit that there is a problem?  Maybe if everyone can acknowledge that there’s an issue to be addressed, we  can actually work toward solving it.  However, as long as the left remains willfully ignorant of the predicament, how can we ever hope to make it better?

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  1. This post and your comments about Martin Luther King remind me of a Boondocks episode "Return of the King" which is an alternative history of Martin Luther King surviving the assassination and waking up out of a coma. The writer of the Boondocks would agree 100 % with what you have written here. If you have not watched it, I would suggest its worth the 20 minutes.
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