Horror Show Sunday: Crossing State Lines

PoandlAt least they caught the guy.  Former Catholic priest Robert “Bob” Poandl, who worked, at one time, at the Holy Cross Church in Pembroke, Georgia, has been sentenced to seven and a half years for transporting a 10-year old boy across state lines to Spencer, West Virginia for the purposes of sexual molestation.

Poandl, who worked in the Savannah area from 2007-2009 and again from 2010-2012, was finally convicted of the sexual assault, which took place in 1991.  He could have been sentenced to up to ten years in prison but he now has cancer and the judge decided to let him serve his sentence in a hospital where he is not expected to survive to see the end of his imprisonment.  It’s really a shame that there’s no hell for people like this to go to.

Rev. Chet Artysiewicz, head of the Glenmay Home Missioners, based in Cincinnati, the order to which Poandl belonged, said “I respect and accept the decision of the 12 jurors. … Sexual abuse is a heinous crime. … While the jury has rendered its verdict, I realize this does not mark the end of the pain involved in this situation. Today, more than ever, I pray that God’s love and compassion will lead to healing for all involved, especially the victim and his family.” Well maybe you ought to stop thinking that God will fix things and just stop employing pedophiles in the first place!

Of course, Poandl claims he is innocent, he says he is repulsed by the thought of pedophilia and will pray for all the priests wrongly accused.  Like so many other pedophile priests, he really thinks he did nothing wrong and isn’t sorry at all for his actions.  He’s a man of God, he gets special perks, I guess, and one of those perks is screwing little kids.

Fuck you, Reverend Poandl.  Fuck you.

So here we go again, yet another case of a Catholic priest with his dick in the kid, completely without remorse for his actions.  I bet his parishioners are standing up for him too.  Off you go to Horror Show Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Crossing State Lines”

  1. This is an off topic comment, but its something that really gets to me with the justice system. There are always offenders that get there sentence suspended as they are in hospital and they are going to die anyway. In my opinion they should have a jail hospital where these people can go and die alone without family. It would be more appropriate for them to die alone. In my opinion this would carry a much stronger message of justice to potential criminals as well as towards the victims of said crimes.
    My recent post According to Creationists this is not evolution.

    1. I can understand being out of prison if the person has a difficult to treat condition, a real hospital would be better suited to handle things like that, things that would be extremely expensive for the state to pay for. You might find people committing crimes specifically so the state will treat their disease for free. However, I would have no problem with setting up regional prison wings at specific hospitals where all patients were kept away from everyone while they were being treated. I don't like the idea, as you said, of people getting out of prison for "humanitarian reasons".

  2. Yesterday Poandl was appealing his sentence, and he trying to get out of jail. He has at least 3 victims. http://www.wlwt.com/news/tristate-priest-challeng

    There is absolutely no reason why this serial child predator should be given any special treatment. He needs to be kept behind bars and away from innocent children.
    Let's hope that any others who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Robert Poandl, will find the courage to come forward and contact police no matter how long ago it happened. Your silence only hurts. By speaking up there is a chance for healing, exposing the truth, and therefore protecting others.

    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail.com,
    SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

    1. It doesn't really surprise me that he's appealing, these people seem to think that wearing a clerical collar makes anything they do okay. Hopefully the courts see right through this religious rationalization. Keep up the good work Judy, I'm really behind SNAP and the other victim advocate groups.

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