Maybe There’s a Message About Jesus Here

Bird Poop Jesus

Jim Lawry of Brooklyn, Ohio, went out to his car and saw something amazing.  A bird had apparently left a present on his windshield and when he looked at it closely, it seemed to him that it looked just like Jesus.

Frankly, to me, it looks like a dog, but there’s no accounting for pareidolia. Apparently, this guy is serious too, he sent an e-mail with a photo to the local news and his Facebook page suggests he really believes in this crap, no pun intended.

Of course, pareidolia is nothing new, it’s the tendency for humans to see patterns in random shapes, whether those shapes actually appear or not.  I’ve written about it numerous times in the past and will indubitably do so again in the future.  People with overactive imaginations seeing things that don’t really exist because they don’t exercise the critical thinking portion of their brains enough.

But assuming for a moment that this really is an image in bird crap of Jesus Christ, what does that really tell us?  That Christianity is crap?  That God is taking a dump on believers?  Is there supposed to be a deeper message here or is it just weird images showing up in bizarre places?  What might that message from the Almighty actually be?  Or is it supposed to be inscrutable and we’re supposed to scratch our heads and wonder about the majesty of it all?

I guess you can take it as you wish, the idea that the creator of all things is operating in bird excrement as a medium for his artwork.  You’d think he could be a little more impressive, wouldn’t you?  Is it too difficult to spell his name in the stars or something?  Maybe bird poop is all he can muster.  God might work in supposedly mysterious ways but I wouldn’t want to shake his hand, if you know what I mean.

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