Horror Show Sunday: Muslim Murderers Can’t Count


Kalid K., also known as Abdurahman, a Muslim jihadist who is reportedly of Dutch origin, has been seen in a video on YouTube holding a knife and pointing upward while he kneels behind five severed heads.  Now I don’t know if he’s just ignorant and thinks there’s only one head or he’s making some other gesture, but Abdurahman certainly isn’t a first time player in the Muslim murder game.  Back in 2012, he was seen in another video, reading the Qur’an and sitting next to a dead body.

You’d think that such a brain trust as Kalid must have Allah on his side and be living high off the hog, blessed by his imaginary friend in the sky, but no, we now know that Kalid spent more than ten years in the Netherlands, living on the public dole, where he reportedly was being treated for claustrophobia and schizophrenia.  Funny, he seems like such a normal, well-adjusted guy too!

The five heads were reportedly Al-Nusra fighters.  It’s really kind of sad that extremist Muslim crazies like Al-Nusra are actually pretty moderate compared to ISIL, who Kalid jumped at the chance to join.

The whole story appeared on Twitter, who quickly moved to delete any pictures of Kalid and his brain-trust but that doesn’t stop Muslim terror groups from continuing to post their exploits in 140 characters or less and having it go viral instantly.  I’m not sure who is more sick, the Muslim murderers or the people who think watching people killed in the name of Allah is a fun re-tweet.

This kind of thing is all too common in much of Europe where people are really terrified to speak out against Islam because Muslim immigrants have flooded into many European nations, demanding Sharia law and the right to perform honor killings and attack the non-Islamic for daring to disbelieve their religious hokum.  It’s even more unfortunate that, like the Catholics and their kiddy fucking, I could have an entire feature dedicated to Muslim and their religious murders and not even dent the flood of stories.

Welcome to the Religious Horror Show, Kalid.  Hope you learn to count.

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