Horror Show Sunday: I Seem to be on Fire!

fatherburnsdaughtertodeath-665x385You know, these Muslim “honor killing” stories never get old.  Oh wait, yes they do!  They get very old!  It doesn’t stop this bizarre and utterly dishonorable practice from occurring, all wrapped up in religious stupidity.  And you wonder why this ends up on Horror Show Sunday?  A 13-year old girl in Tunisia was burned to death by her father because she dared to walk home from school with a male classmate.  Yes, she walked home with a boy, now she’s dead because her father lit her on fire.  I’ll pause for a moment to let that soak in.

But you know, it is always worse than that.  The girl, known only as Aya, spent 10 days of agony in the hospital, suffering from 4th degree burns before she finally died.  Her father says he was totally justified in committing the “honor killing”, which is designed to remove perceived dishonor from the family.  Yeah, asshole, it also removed your daughter from the family!  Oh well, girls aren’t worth anything anyway, right?

While Tunisia has been a relatively progressive country where such things haven’t been seen in years, violence against women has been on the rise recently, almost exclusively because of the rise of fundamentalist Islam.  The countryside is up in arms over the brutal killing of Aya and her father is in custody, although as of this writing, he hasn’t been charged or convicted of a crime.  A march is planned in her honor and more than 2000 people have pledged to attend, decrying honor killings in general, although I’m relatively sure that nobody is going to speak out against Islam, the real cause of this travesty.

There was a report published in 2013 on Muslim honor killings and they found that of 23 countries surveyed, 9 approved of honor killings.  Let’s be clear here, that means that in 9 nations on the planet today, the majority of their Muslim population supports murdering your daughter because you think her actions make you look bad.

Fuck Islam.  Fuck it right up it’s Muslim ass.  I wish I could say this will be the last Muslim honor killing story I will ever do but, of course, I would be lying. There are too many religious animals in the world for that to ever happen.  That’s why we have Horror Show Sunday.

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