New Year’s Resolution Time

new-years-resolutions1It’s funny, I’d never been one for doing New Year’s Resolutions until two years ago, when I decided to do one, more as a joke than anything else, and I realized that a well-executed resolution, taken seriously, can be actually useful.

For 2013, I decided that I’d walk away from the endless nonsense that comes out of the Atheism+ idiots and the other social justice morons. I wouldn’t read their blogs, I wouldn’t look at their Twitter feeds, I wouldn’t pay any attention to anything they had to say, I was done. My only exception came when I was confronted with the abject stupidity from a source beyond my control and just had to say something about it, or it was something that came up on the podcast, but I wouldn’t seek it out and I wouldn’t be concerned what a bunch of liberal hyper-feminist, social-jackoff idiots had to say.  It actually served me very well, it kept my blood pressure down and I was much, much happier.

For 2014, I realized that in many of my debates with both liberals and theists, I was really getting nowhere, I was essentially banging my head against the wall of their perpetual stupidity.  I wasn’t having fun, I was just getting frustrated by their pig-headed ignorance and I was tired of it.  Trying to explain reality to people who don’t live in the real world was pointless.  I had given up trying to engage theists in the evolution/creation debate many years earlier because, spending a lot of hours and effort explaining the basics of evolution and science, only to have theist after theist simply reject it out of hand anyhow was just a waste of my time.  I had to learn when enough was enough and in so doing, while frustration hasn’t gone away in my life, it’s gotten a bit more manageable.

So as it came closer to 2015, I started thinking what I ought to do for a Resolution this year and for the longest time I really had no good ideas.  I’d already cut down somewhat on the number of posts I do, somewhat because of a lack of time and quite a bit because of a lack of interest.  In the ten years that I’ve been writing this blog, I think I’ve written hundreds of times on every topic of any kind of interest to me imaginable.  I’ve restarted it several times from scratch and, within the past month, I’ve passed 1000 posts again on just this incarnation alone.  If I had to guesstimate, I’d say that I’ve put in over 3000 posts on Bitchspot alone in the past decade, plus another pile on my other blogs.  That’s a lot of time and effort spent pointing out the utter inanity of religion and politics.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve sat down at the computer on more than one occasion with the intention of simply deleting Bitchspot forever and walking away from the online debating scene entirely.  I have gotten entirely frustrated with trying to have reasonable discussions with people who have no concept of reason. It’s like talking to 6-year olds about college-level subjects, it simply doesn’t work because they not only don’t have the grounding in the subject matter, they have no interest in finding out.  I was prepared to sit down to write this post and announce my official retirement from the “atheist community” because I’ve really said all that I can say about any of the subjects that I tend to address.

However, instead I think that my Resolution this year is going to be simply to keep going.  It might come off as cheap but given that I’m burned out on religion and politics and all of the things I’ve been covering for the past decade, maybe that’s the best that I can hope for at the moment.  Every time I write a post, I might as well simply link to something I’ve said before because, other than the specific circumstances that bring up the subject, I just give the same advice to the same general stupidity.  Things never change or if they do change, it’s just to get worse.  How many times can I tell the same stupid people to stop being stupid when they refuse to do so?  I predict exactly what these people will do before they do it because I’ve been through the same spiel so many times.

What I really want is some suggestions of what to do to keep things fresh and interesting.  What would people like to see more of?  What would they like to see less of?  I’m honestly out of ideas and having nothing new to say makes me honestly fear that I will break my Resolution for the year.  Maybe that might be best, I don’t know, but I’m willing to keep trying.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Time

  1. Maybe time to spend more time blogging about something different (although you already have the Corner, so its difficult) and keep the posts down to only a few a week. Another option is focus more on one aspect ,either religion or politics, in that way its only one source of frustration. Either way Happy New Year Cephus, and I for one will be reading in the future.
    My recent post Fighting for your theistic delusion

    1. I tried doing that, keeping the number of posts down and focusing on one thing or another, I ended up trashing my readership and wrote more than I said I was going to anyhow. As much as I think I'm just writing the same things over and over and over again, it's because nothing really changes. The religious are still clueless and for the same reasons, the politicos are still ridiculous and for the same reasons, etc. I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the blog and reposted the very first post I ever had and it's just as true today as it was a decade ago. In another decade, it'll still be just as true. How many times can you keep saying the same thing? But since none of these problems ever really go away or change significantly, the frustration and desire to bitch about it never goes away either.

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