Horror Show Sunday: Gunning Down the Useful

QamarIn Lahore, Pakistan, a U.S. doctor who was volunteering in a Pakistani hospital was shot to death in front of his wife and 3-year old son by a follower of the minority Ahmadi faith.  Two men on a motorcycle opened fire on Doctor Mehdi Ali Qamar, 50, a cardiologist based in Ohio, as he entered the cemetery in Rabwah, a town in central Punjab Province that is the main center of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan.  According to reports, Dr. Qamar was shot at least 10 times, dying instantly.

“This is a faith-based target killing of a very precious man who was saving humanity,” said Saleem-ud Din, an Ahmadi spokesman. “We want justice.”  Yeah, I don’t blame you!  Dr. Qamar was much more valuable than the animals that gunned him down in cold blood.  In fact, it tends to be the people who are really worthwhile human beings, working to help the sick and the poor and the downtrodden who get caught in the crossfire.

There has been significant warfare between “mainstream” Muslims and Ahmadi Muslims for years, the government of Pakistan was forced, in 1974, to revise the Pakistani constitution to deny Ahmadis the right to call themselves Muslims.  There is plenty of violence against Ahmadis, 7 dead in 2013 alone and another 16 that survived attempts on their lives.  The Ahmadis, not to be outdone, have started shooting other Muslims outside of their own splinter sect, resulting in the loss of Doctor Qamar in late May.

This is certainly not the first time that it’s happened, in fact, just a week before, a 16-year old boy wearing a fake police uniform entered a police station near Lahore and fatally shot a 65-year old Ahmadi Muslim man for blasphemy.  We have to be honest, as rational human beings, that these are just delusional fanatics killing each other over having the supposed wrong imaginary friend and the wrong interpretation of the Qur’an.  How ridiculous is that?  And they wonder why things like this belong squarely on Horror Show Sunday?

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