The Post-Holiday Holiday

happy_birthday_new[3]I recently realized that there was another holiday this year, hidden between Christmas and New Years, that I ought to acknowledge, even though it probably means nothing to anyone but me.  It was 10 years ago today that I posted my first post to the first iteration of the Bitchspot Blog, back on December 26, 2004.

Believe it or not, even though that version of the blog is long since gone, lost to the winds of time, I still have that first post and I’ll throw it below, just for nostalgia.  Not much has changed on that front, religion is still idiotic and radical liberalism is still suicidal, just as I wrote in the first two posts I ever wrote here.

When you think about it, I’ve written an absurd amount around here.  Just this version, which returned in late April, 2011, has just  crossed the 1,000 post mark.  Considering that I started this blog writing two posts a day, every single day, for at least the first couple of years, the total number of posts must be in the multiple thousands.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve had so much to say over the years!

So thank you to all of my supporters and readers over the years, it’s been fun and I hope that you’ve gotten something out of it.  I know I’ve invited people to let me know what they’d like to see, I encourage you to comment below and let me know if you’ve liked what I’ve done and where I could go from here.

Without further ado, here’s the very first post ever posted to Bitchspot, back on December 26, 2004.  What a blast from the past!

I’ll be honest, I have very little good to say about religion in general, Christianity in particular. Not
that I have anything especially against Christianity, it suffers from the same failings and irrationality
of all religions, but having to live in a country where the President acts proud to say that God is telling
him what to do, when such things should normally get you thrown into a looney bin, is troubling.

I’ll be very up-front about it, I think religion is stupid. It’s illogical, it’s irrational and it’s the
epitome of intellectual suicide for the believer. I certainly understand why people would want to believe,
it’s just like being a child and wanting to be protected and taken care of by your parents. When you
grow up and realize that it’s not all sugarplums and puppydogs out there, that the world can be a cruel,
uncaring place that doesn’t give a damn if you live or die, it’s comforting to turn to an all-powerful
father figure who is going to take care of you and make your life easier. Except it doesn’t work that
way. It’s no more rational to believe in God than it is to believe in Santa Claus. At least kids eventually
get it. Even if they still believe in Santa, eventually those presents stop showing up under the tree and
mom and dad reveal that they’ve been responsible for years. The reality gets handed to you and you’re
forced to accept it, like it or not. But with God, most of the supposed payoff comes after you’re dead and
can’t exactly come back to tell anyone if it’s really there or not. People can go on being delusional their
entire lives, hoping and praying that there’s really something there, that they’re not completely wasting
their time, and by the time they find out that dead means dead and all of their deity-ass-kissing was for
naught, it’s too late. By the time they realize, they’ve already screwed up their lives and the lives of
those around them.

It doesn’t take too much to figure out how dangerous religion is, just look at the local newspaper. The
Middle East, the “Irish Problem”, fundamentalist Christian wackos blowing up abortion clinics, people
trying to get their pet fantasy taught in science class, homosexuals being dragged around behind cars, all
of these groups supremely convinced that they’re right because their God has a bigger dick than everyone
else’s. The fact of the matter is that none of them, absolutely, positively none of them have the slightest
shred of objective evidence that they’re right. It’s all a bunch of wishful thinking. You’ve got Joe Jew
hating Achmed Muslim, not because Achmed is a bad guy, but because he bows down before the wrong fantasy
being a couple times a day. Of course, Achmed isn’t innocent either, he wants to see the Jews slaughtered
so the Muslims can take over the same worthless piece of crap land that their religion has declared “Holy”.
And Billy-Bob Christian is arguably the worst of all, he’s got a couple dozen Christian sects that he can
hate in addition to everyone else. Christianity wins the prize, it even gets to hate itself!

So now we have a whole bunch of irrational, illogical people who can’t even think straight trying to run
the world. Try getting elected to public office in this country if you’re not part of the pet religion.
Doesn’t matter how unqualified the other person is, so long as they pay homage to the right local deity,
they win. They could be a convicted child molester with an IQ of 11 and they’ve got a better shot than
a college-educated, highly experienced atheist. This whole planet is going straight to hell.

What’s even worse though is the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who claim to be religious
don’t have a clue what it is they’re supposed to believe. The Bible might be one of the most purchased
books around, but it’s also one of the least read. Ask most Christians the basics of their religion and
they’ll stare at you with glazed-over eyes and mumble. I term most Christians in this country “Social Christians”.
They only say they believe because they think it’ll make them look good to the neighbors. They don’t know
what they believe, they don’t know why they believe it, but you’d better believe they’re easy to manipulate
and that’s just what the churches want. Tell Christians who to vote for and you’ll get a powerful voting
block. Give them a cause and you’ll get a swell of support. Unfortunately, none of them know what they’re
voting for or why they’re doing it, they just mindlessly march to the polls because someone in a pulpit
told them to. That’s why this country is so screwed up, we not only don’t have an informed electorate,
the electorate is ignorant of pretty much everything in their lives. Just do what the churches say because
they’ve got an in with Jesus and you don’t want to go to hell, do you?

Holy crap, we’re already there.

5 thoughts on “The Post-Holiday Holiday”

  1. Nothing you said ten years ago is incorrect today. Just MUCH more of the same. It IS scary. Congratulations for sticking to it for so long.

    1. Thanks. It's really scary that it's been so long. In retrospect, I think things have gotten better in some ways but worse in others. In any case, we still have a long way to go. I appreciate all the support I've gotten over the years.

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