Horror Show Sunday: Let God Drive

Prionda HillHey, haven’t done some really crazy stories lately, it’s been all Muslim hatred and priests diddling kids so here’s a fun one, at least fun if you weren’t involved.  In Indiana, 25-year old Prionda Hill ran over motorcyclist Anthony Olivieri, 47, after she reports that God told her to let him drive her car.

I didn’t know God had a license!  Apparently he shouldn’t because he can’t drive worth shit.

“She was driving and out of nowhere God told her that he would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let him take it,” a police officer reports that she told them.  The car went out of control and she ran over both Olivieri and his motorcycle.

“As I grabbed the handle bars as the bike was losing control and I looked back around my left shoulder, all I see is her tire and the left bumper getting ready to run my face over.  I was inches from that bumper and I just said to myself today is the day I die,” reported Olivieri. “I just shut my eyes and said if this is the way that God wants to do it then I guess that this is the way we’re going to do it.”  Funny he should say that, since apparently, God was driving the car. Maybe he was more right than he knew?  God had it out for him, but God can’t even run him over right. Olivieri suffered broken ribs and a few minor injuries, including road rash, but God didn’t kill him.  God is such a failure.

This is where fanatical religious belief leads.  someone like Hill should not have a license, she doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality and she ought to end up in a rubber room.  Instead, she was charged with failing to stop an accident, criminal recklessness and two counts of criminal mischief.  What about attempted murder?  What about criminal stupidity?  We need that one penned into law but I fear the prisons would be even more full than they are today.

And so, Prionda Hill, you and your religious stupidity land you as star of this week’s Horror Show Sunday.  Hopefully you lose your license forever.  I know I’m not going to be driving anywhere near Fort Wayne, Indiana any time soon.

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