Brave Sir Theist Ran Away!

Brave Sir RobinAnyone who has debated theists will recognize this one, the almost inevitable end of every religious debate ever, when the theist disengages, spewing insults or proclaiming victory and refusing to talk any longer.  This is an emotional coping mechanism when things get too hot and they can’t continue for fear of having to admit that their beliefs are not really rationally worth holding.  Typically, these disengagements are followed with either thinly veiled threats, “you’d better change your mind or you’re going to hell” or childish affirmations, “I’m going to believe anyhow, so there!”  Many finish with claims of victory, “since I already proved God, I’m going to quit now”, when nothing of the sort ever happened.  I guess when your religious beliefs are based on emotional fantasies, everything even tangentially attached to them is also.

In fact, it happens so much that I’m really wondering if there is a theist on the planet who is capable of having a truly rational, intellectual discussion about their religious beliefs.  The second any of them figure out that I’m not impressed by blind faith and wishful thinking, they’re off to the races aboard the fastest escape pony they can find.  The religious are among the few groups for which I find this to be the case.  You certainly don’t find many scientists who are terrified to get into it with detractors, who just declare victory and run for the hills.  It seems to be just the religious and their irrational cousins, the conspiracy theorists and similar purveyors of woo.  Everyone else stands and fights and defends their position against all comers.  Not the religious.  They run.

Something else I’ve seen commonly is that they squirm their way around deficiencies by redefining terms in their own way.  When being faced with the fact that theists do not operate in rational or logical ways, one theist responded that “logic” was a derivative  of “logos” and therefore only Christians could be logical, thus anyone who disagreed with Christianity, specifically his particular version of Christianity, was, by definition, illogical.  Where did he get that?  He pulled it straight out of his ass.

That’s not uncommon either, I see people like William Lane Craig do it all the time.  When they have nowhere to go, they make it up.  Then they run away. This crap goes all the way to the top which is why I’m not at all impressed with apologists regardless of “success”.

So has anyone run across any decent theists with whom to debate?  People who don’t get backed into corners and then flee?  People who don’t just invent their own solutions to real problems with their theology?  I can’t say I’ve ever met one and I’ve met thousands.  Maybe there is someone out there, I’d really like to take them on.

2 thoughts on “Brave Sir Theist Ran Away!

  1. I discussed Christianity through email exchanges with a friend. She was rational for the most part, but I refuted every argument she tried out on me. When she finally realized she’d backed herself into a corner, she declared I couldn’t understand her bible without faith, all but ending that conversation.

    I honestly didn’t know how to respond any further, since this is illogical in every way. If I am to be converted to her way of thinking, then I’d need to read the bible. But if I don’t have faith like hers, I won’t understand what I’m reading. So I need faith to get faith? Huh?

    It was obvious she was running away, throwing that stream on nonsense at me as a way to get me to shut up and leave her beliefs alone. I dropped the matter, because I didn’t want to destroy our friendship.

    1. Yeah, that's pretty much the problem. I had someone today tell me that Christians are completely rational, except when they're not and when they're not, they get to believe what they want and nobody gets to say otherwise. The lack of critical thinking on these people is unbelievable.

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