Liberals Don’t Get Responsibility

StupidLiberalsGeez, liberals are stupid.  Or maybe I just get saddled with the really clueless ones, I don’t know.  In any case, in a recent discussion about income inequality, a whole horde of liberals wandered in from the rain to declare that everyone ought to make the same amount of money because, you know, equality and all. In fact, this one woman kept insisting that she deserved more money at work because she wanted it.  I asked her how much money she makes for her employers and she said she had no idea, nor did she care, just wanting more was enough and they ought to give her whatever she wants, whether she’s worth it or not.

These people are idiots.

It’s an unfortunate reality that the people who want “equality” really don’t get how the real world works.  The woman I mentioned above could give no reason why she deserved more money, she just wanted it and her desire should be enough to warrant it.  She doesn’t get and doesn’t  care that a business is in business to make money, not to make her happy.  If she doesn’t like how much she’s making, she can either make herself a more valuable employee and get a raise or go elsewhere and find some other company willing to pay her the wage she seeks.  But try to explain that to her, she freaks out.

It’s hard to understand where the disconnect comes in, why these people don’t get that worth is earned, not simply imagined.  The same goes with “equality”, which isn’t earned, it’s just granted.  The employees of Walmart in several states have announced a “strike” over Black Friday because they don’t want to work on Thanksgiving, they want more money, more time off and more “respect”.  Then they shouldn’t be working retail, should they?  That’s part of the retail model.  Black Friday is often the busiest single day of the entire year and that’s been extended back to Thanksgiving.  It is required that the vast majority of people work that way, it isn’t a secret, it isn’t a surprise, people who work retail know that going in. It’s part of the job.  So why do these people complain?  Because they want the benefits of a job without the potential downsides.  They want the good without the bad.  Sorry, doesn’t work that way.  I hope those people get fired.  There are always more people willing to do the job.  Unfortunately, even if they do get fired, we have a system that will just pick them up and keep paying them even if they’re unwilling to work.

Liberals just don’t get responsibility.

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  1. This is always a touchy subject for me. I agree with most of what you say here, however I do believe the minimum wage is below what it should be. Now, I know we have talked minimum wage before and I agree with your stance on that as well. But, some jobs pay minimum wage for work that can not always be done by students or other looking for work experience due to the hours and demands beyond what these employees would be otherwise required to do i.e. study, go to school etc.
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    1. Studies showed that the last raise in minimum wage in 2007 actually put nearly a million people out of work, it accounted for about 15% of the job loss in the 2008 economic collapse. If we do it again, we'll just drive more people out of work. That's how it works.

      1. Yeh, I re-read my comment. I think I should have differentiated that some (very few) minimum wage jobs are not really jobs that are meant to be minimum wage jobs. In those types of jobs I think there should be more restriction which I think would benefit not only the employee but also the employer. Honestly, the problem is I can't think of a decent example at the moment, but I would say something like a security guard that does night watch. Its what I would consider not a minimum wage job.

        But like I said in general I am board with you.
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        1. But people who work third shift already get a pay differential, they don't get minimum wage now. Most security guards that guard anything important, especially if they have to carry guns, make far more than minimum wage. It's just the unqualified slobs who don't actually watch anything worth watching that make nothing because they're not actually worth anything.

  2. I agree with the part on the whole equal pay malarkey, I think these people mean really mean to say they want "parity" but say "equality" because they've heard propagandists repeat it so often(ie the vague "We want equal pay and representation for women/x demographic"). When asked they are incapable of elaborating on why they want parity, they have no real idea why and its actually indefensible if you really examine the demand. Nations have tried paying everyone the same wage and it was, predictably a disaster.

    I don't understand why you would be against a strike though. The workers organised themselves, decided on their labor was undervalued and threatened to withdraw their labor if a compromise wasn't met, its up to Walmart whether they will compromise( I doubt it). The government isn't involved, this is about as free an interaction as unskilled employees have with their employer. What is irresponsible about risking getting fired for better working conditions? What's the worse that could happen, a faceless retail giant losing a few crumbs to annoyance of shareholders? Some people you don't know getting a day off? Even if the strikers win Walmart will probably just have fewer casual hires.

    It isn't rational to hope lots of people end up on food stamps over a mundane labor dispute.

    1. And I don't think anyone is arguing against parity. Equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, women often do not do equal work, they take much more time off to care for children, they don't tend to work the same long hours that men do but they want the same pay because they ostensibly have the same job description? If two people do the exact same amount of work and put in the exact same effort with the exact same results, they absolutely deserve the same pay, regardless of their age/sex/race/sexual orientation, etc. There shouldn't be any difference. But people have to do the same work and many times, it just isn't the case.

      As far as strikes are concerned, most workers don't organize their own strikes, big national or regional labor unions come in and push it. The labor unions have no reason whatsoever to care about this particular company or these particular workers, they just want more money in their coffers and often, they run companies entirely into the ground with their unreasonable demands and don't really care if they go out of business because the workers really don't mean anything. I have much more respect for location-specific or company-specific unions, formed from within, which have a vested interest not only in their own paycheck but in the overall health of the company. If the company dies, so do their jobs. There needs to be a balance and with large unions, there simply isn't one.

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