Horror Show Sunday: Can You Assault Decently?

Brian-Spence-74-1Yeah, here we go again with Catholic sex abuse.  It’s a real shame that there’s so much of it, but it is what it is.  This time out, a former Crowthorne vicar has been jailed for reportedly indecently assaulting four Catholic schoolgirls.  Is it possible to assault someone decently, or am I just overthinking things?  Vicar Brian Spence, of Nursery Close, Hook, stood trial for nine indecent assault charges involving four girls aged between 10 and 15.  The jury returned unanimous verdicts on four charges, majority guilty on three and were deadlocked on the last two.

Vicar Spence, while he was employed at St. John the Baptist Church in Crowthorne between 1994-1998, molested at least four girls, although it is suspected by some that there may be other victims.  Judge Nicholas Wood said, “You used and abused and exploited the trust placed in you to indecently assault four girls.”  He went on to add “there was another, deeper, dark side of you. You had, in the 90s, an unhealthy sexual interest in children.”

Because we never see that in Catholic priests, right?

Spence was sentenced to four years in prison and will be required to file as a convicted sex offender for the rest of his life.

So why do we see so much of this?  Do Catholic priests think they won’t get caught?  I think that has a lot to do with it, I think there is so much power, or at least perception of power within the clergy that these people think they can get away with just about anything and, since they have no other sexual opportunities, they take advantage of children and think that they’re somehow above the law.  We see, in case after case, that this isn’t true and I’m not sure if the attitude has changed within Catholicism in recent years, now that more and more priests are going to jail and not being protected as successfully by the Church.  Hopefully, things will change and the RCC will manage to flush a lot of these predators out of their ranks.  A lot of the superior attitude within the church needs to go away though, these people are no better than anyone else.

So, Vicar Spence, welcome to Horror Show Sunday, may you rot in prison for a couple of years and find out what it means to be taken advantage of sexually. I hope they assault you decently.

4 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Can You Assault Decently?”

    1. It is. What's worse, in another 2 weeks, I'll have completed another full year of the Religious Horror Show and there's still no sign of it ever stopping. I had to do another full week of Horrors at the end of January just to burn some off!

      1. Why do you think it is important to show that some christians fail, as yourself. I could start a blog with a rocky atheist horror show that would be endless, considering they have no moral accountability. All you are doing is showing carnal being, whether theist or atheist, at their worst and achieving nothing, although I suspect that your bitter hatred for christianity is being project in your caustic attacks on a group, whose lifestyle, you could not maintain. It is vengeful nonsense.

        1. If nobody ever sees their failures, they can never improve. Of course, lots of Christians (and other religious groups) are totally blinded to their own failures, they cannot accept that they are wrong, or could ever be wrong, they have blind faith that everything they believe must be correct because it makes them feel good to think that it's so. While certainly I focus on the worst of the worst in the Religious Horror Show, it doesn't really let anyone off the hook. It just shows the harm that religious beliefs, irrational, illogical and uncritical religious beliefs, can cause. Just because you haven't caused that amount of harm doesn't make you innocent of the same irrational, illogical and uncritical beliefs. There's nothing vengeful about it, any more than pointing out that someone engaged in chiropractic woo is not doing demonstrable science, or showing that holistic "medicine" and other pseudoscientific quackery is absurd. Facts are facts. Whether you choose to accept them or not, whether you choose to critically evaluate your own believes or not, is entirely irrelevant to the truth.

          You're just afraid to open your eyes. That's okay, you're just showing people how silly the whole thing is.

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