Horror Show Sunday: Executing Ducks

runducksrunOkay, that might be a bit arcane, even for me, but the Saudis have executed a man accused of being a witch and as we all ought to know, witches weigh the same as ducks, at least according to Monty Python logic, which is just about as applicable here as any other.

According to eyewitnesses, Muree bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri was found to be in possession of magical talismans and books on witchcraft and sorcery.  He also admitted to having sex with two married women, although it is not clear if that had any bearing on his execution, as it is usually the women who are stoned for daring to have sex outside of marriage.

According to the BBC’s Arab Affairs Editor, Sebastian Usher, there is a very strong prohibition among Saudi Arabia’s hyper-conservative religious leaders against sorcery and witchcraft.  Mr. al-Asiri is not the first to be executed for similar crimes, at least two others were killed this year alone for performing spells and the like.  Even though witchcraft is not specifically identified as a capital crime, many among the fanatical Muslim faith demand death for fortune telling and faith healing and other “evil” acts.

Now I have no idea what al-Asiri was actually doing, if he was practicing witchcraft or not, but since witchcraft is about as ridiculous and laughable as religion, it shouldn’t matter.  He could have been dancing around clutching pig entrails for all I care, such things are nonsense and having a modern-day government sentencing someone to beheading because they were doing something absurd is, in and of itself, absurd.  However, that’s how the Muslim world works today and to a large degree, the Christian world as well.  These people are, in large part, terrified of magic, even though magic doesn’t really exist. Therefore, they killed a man for nothing and he’s neither the first, nor the last, who will be put to death for a laughable offense.

That earns the Saudi government yet another place on Horror Show Sunday.

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