This is Going to Come Off Racist

Radio TowerI am well aware that this post is going to come off racist to some but it’s a serious question that I think ought to be addressed.  The talk radio station that I listen to, the one I’ve talked about a lot in the past, is a supposedly conservative talk station.  Most of its hosts are very conservative, although virtually none are particularly religious.  I’m actually surprised at how critical the majority of them are of religion and how readily most of them are to say they aren’t religious.  Most of the hosts are white, although there are several Hispanic hosts and two black hosts, all of which can be verified by going to their web site and looking at the host pages.  It’s the black hosts that I want to talk about right now though.

Before I begin, I’ve started to pay attention to how all of the hosts that I  hear, and granted I hear some a lot more often than others, based on when I happen to be in the car, talk about race, particularly their own.  I have yet to hear any of the white hosts spend any appreciable time talking about “being white”.  I have yet to hear any of the Hispanic hosts talk about “being Hispanic”.  I have, however, heard constant references by the two black hosts about “being black”.  It seems to be a major part of their schtick.  Last night, for instance, one was on and spent the entire time I listened, probably close to an hour, talking about “how black people think”.  Isn’t that kind of racist, in and of itself, asserting that all people with a particular range of melanin in their skin all have to think the same way?  So far as I’m aware, I’ve never heard a white host talking about how white people think, I’ve never heard a Hispanic host talking about how Hispanic people think and, even though I don’t know that I’ve ever heard an Asian radio host, I can’t imagine them spending valuable air time talking about how Asian people think.  It’s an absurd concept, why did this particular host think that all black people think alike?  It immediately strikes me as the old canard that you can’t tell black people apart.  That’s just racist.

And these hosts didn’t grow up in the hood, they were both, based on what they’ve said on the air, college educated and raised in at least middle class households.  So why do they spend all their time playing the race card?  What is it about a lot of black personalities that makes them automatically identify with skin color?  Personally, I just don’t get it.

Unfortunately, just noticing such things is enough to get you cast as a racist.  I guess pointing out the facts, especially when they are inconvenient facts, is enough to get you demonized.  My crime, according to some, is just noticing, just like realizing that feminists, who are supposedly for a gender-neutral society, spend all of their time pointing out how different men and women are.  But no, point that out and you’re a sexist!  They want you to do as they say, not as they do.  The fact is, when someone tries to group people together by the color of their skin, they are being racist.  It’s absurd to think that all black people think a certain way, just as it is to think the same of white people.  People are people.  People’s choices, positions and beliefs ought not be determined by their skin color and if they are, that’s really a problem.  I don’t go running around identifying myself by my skin color but there are a lot of people who do and no matter how they try to justify it, they’re still wrong.  It’s still racist.  Identifying race as a defining factor is, by definition, racist.  Oh, I know, blacks can’t  be racist, had another person tell me that today, because blacks have no power.  Tell that to our black president.

I just get so sick of the hypocrisy, where blacks and feminists and other liberal crusaders think that the rules don’t apply to them, they get to be racist and sexist and then they get to shout down anyone who points out their failures as being racists and sexists.  Can’t we all just stop paying attention to skin color and gender and just live together in harmony?  Hell no, that’s how these people make their living!

And that’s a shame.

4 thoughts on “This is Going to Come Off Racist”

  1. The word equality is a word that escapes so many nowadays. Its really sad that those that fight for equality do not realize what the word means. It reminds me of theists in many ways who say they are fighting for the rights of everyone as long as everyone is doing what they are saying is right.
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    1. A lot of these people don't want equality, they want revenge. They want to get back at people who were once mean to their ancestors so they demand to get as much as the people they hate and where they have more rights and more privileges? Well, they're going to keep those.

  2. I might be misunderstanding what you are saying here or simply suffering from outrage fatigue, but nothing jumped out at me here as racist.

    "So why do they spend all their time playing the race card?"

    I guess I'm not sure how talking about being Black is "playing the race card." I certainly talk about being an atheist from time-to-time and never thought of it as playing the atheist card (if that's even a thing). I'm not sure if I've written much on my blog about being White, but I've certainly had conversations about being White, growing up in a rural area, and how these things have sometimes shaped how others view me.

    "What is it about a lot of black personalities that makes them automatically identify with skin color?"

    It is part of their experience, so I'd be surprised if they never identified with it or talked about it. But my guess is that a shared experience of being treated differently in the U.S. on the basis of their race probably has something to do with this. From what I understand, even fairly wealthy Black men have trouble getting cabs to stop, notice women clutching their purses in elevators, and so on. I imagine race would be far less salient if racism and racial discrimination were to disappear.

    My recent post When Their Religion Restricts Our Rights

    1. There are a lot of people who immediately play the racist card the second anyone dares to suggest that blacks might actually be racist. According to the extreme left, blacks can't possibly be racist because… um… slavery or some such. I don't really buy the whole "black people have bigger problems inherently" thing. I've yet to see anyone produce any actual, objective evidence that it's so. There are people who make claims or have perceptions about it but those people are really going by what other people say, it's a giant game of telephone where none of them actually have any direct evidence that it's so, just their own biased perceptions that it must be, because racism. The assumption that it's true is a precursor to people furthering their perceptions that the assumption is true. Suggesting such a thing gets you accused of racism, unless you're black, at which time you're suddenly a race traitor or an Uncle Tom. Maybe people ought to stop wearing their race on their sleeve and start just being decent people. Wouldn't that be a nice change?

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