Horror Show Sunday: Those Damn Demons!

Christine-AllenA woman in Las Vegas drowned her 3-year old son in a bathtub and then claimed that it wasn’t really her, a demon took over her body and murdered her child, therefore she shouldn’t be held accountable.  Christine Allen, 30, was charged with one count of open murder in the drowning death of her son, Noah.  She said she was depressed while her son was taking a bath and something made her go into the bathroom and ask Noah if he wanted to go swimming.  When he said yes, she climbed into the tub and held him underwater while he struggled.  At one point, he fought his way to the surface and begged her to stop, but she forced him under again and held him there until he was dead.

Allen told police she believed the boy would be better off living with God than in a broken home, as she and her husband had recently divorced.  She also said that it wasn’t her fault because a demon made her commit the murder.  Come on, you can’t have it both ways!

There are lots of stories where crazy people use their religious beliefs to justify their crazy actions and this is, of course, another one of those.  I get plenty of complaints from theists who don’t want crazy people counted in their ranks.  How is it their fault that the mentally ill just so happen to have the same religious beliefs that they do and use those beliefs to rationalize horrific actions against others?  Surely I can’t blame the beliefs themselves on the actions taken by the unhinged.  Yes, yes I can and here’s why.  Religion provides a cover for crazy people to act on their crazy thoughts under the guise of faith.  Faith, according to many, is the universal get out of jail free card.  So long as one has faith, they can do anything they want, they can believe anything they want and they shouldn’t be held accountable.  We see this in stories about pedophile priests, where their congregation supports them because they are men of God.  We see this in terrorism stories, where Muslims claim they have a right to kill because God said it was okay.  God is apparently a sadistic bastard, he lets people do anything they want to do, just because they want to do it and religion gets an automatic pass because, well, it’s religion.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  Religion may be the most publically acceptable delusion out there right now, but it is not license to commit murder and it doesn’t make insane actions morally or legally acceptable, just because the lunatic believes they have an imaginary friend in the sky.  So long as religion maintains this exalted place in society, it has to continue to be accountable for the things done in its name.

So here’s yet another case of craziness done in the name of religion and another innocent child killed for religious reasons.  It’s another sad, sad Horror Show Sunday.

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  1. And the moment one makes the point you are making here, some Christian will inevitably come along and insist that this woman obviously is not "a real Christian." When asked how they know this, they will claim, "A real Christian would never do something like this." And when confronted with mountains of evidence of Christian atrocities, this Christian will stubbornly insist that none of the bad actors were "real Christians." It is almost as if there is a reality distortion force field surrounding one's faith to make sure reality cannot change it.

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