Horror Show Sunday: Genital Mutilation Kills

A-doctor-in-Egypt-AFPWe already know that the religious have bizarre sexual beliefs and rituals, many of them centering around keeping people from enjoying sex too much or restricting access to the natural human biological need for sexual release.    Most of this is about control but some is about being afraid of the human body and especially any part of the sexual realm which might threaten the control that men have traditionally had over women.

To this end, genital mutilation has been a favorite act among the religiously retarded.  Most of the world has outlawed female genital mutilation and more of it is beginning to outlaw circumcision as well.  In Egypt, a doctor is going to prison over a female genital mutilation operation that he performed on a young Muslim girl, at the behest of her father, when the girl died on the operating table.  Both the doctor and the father are being charged for cruelty to a minor and manslaughter.

Although banned in Egypt in 2008, this kind of thing is still going on across the country as Muslim fathers demand that their daughters should not enjoy sex at all, ever.  It’s disgusting to realize that the operation has been carried out on an estimated 97% of the nation’s married women, but things are not getting better, they are getting worse.  Following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, Muslim extremists who have suddenly found power are arguing that the laws against these operations were the position of a dictator and therefore must be ignored.

Nehad Abolkomsan, who heads the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights says “Most cases don’t get to the attention of the prosecutor, unless the girl suffers health consequences.”  Of course, this is also a huge problem in areas where religion is allowed to run rampant and religious abuses are commonplace.  This is why religion needs to stop getting an automatic pass and we need to hold these inhumane animals accountable for their actions before people get mentally and physically scarred for life, or worse, die because of these primitive superstitions.

I could easily find a small mountain of women who have died because their male relatives have decided they couldn’t make their own decisions and couldn’t be managed without mutilation, but that’s not a secret. We need to hold people accountable, both to the law and to basic human dignity and unfortunately. religion doesn’t promote dignity, it promotes superstition and control.  That’s why we’re back to Horror Show Sunday for more typically Muslim evil.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Genital Mutilation Kills”

    1. Circumcision isn't helpful in disease transmission. The HIV study was faked, the circumcised men were told not to have much sex and the noncircumcised were told to fuck around – IN AFRICA! Also, there is no need for such an invasive operation since condoms exist. Apart from that, the foreskin is a pretty sensible part of the penis, so cutting it off is similar to one of the types of FGM!

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