Liberal Irresponsibility and the Poor

lincoln-lincoln-welfare-political-poster-1272242819In a recent discussion, I found that, once again, liberals are crazy.  The discussion started out with a claim that kids from wealthy families are much more likely to succeed than kids from poor families but it quickly devolved into a liberal whine session about how the poor are so downtrodden and deserve lots of government money because, well, they’re poor.  Now keep in mind, when I describe these people as liberal, that’s what they self-identify as, I’m not just applying a label derogatorily, this is what they call themselves.  I just wanted to make that clear.

So myself and a number of other conservatives started pointing out, as we’ve done many times in the past, that it is the actions of the poor, by and large, which place them in such detrimental conditions.  They generally breed like rabbits out of wedlock.  Their children generally do poorly in school and drop out before graduation.  They generally get involved in things like drugs and gangs.  They generally end up in prison.  They generally do not work and if they do work, they remain in low-paying positions instead of being promoted.  This is why they are poor, because they generally make  bad decisions in their lives which lead to bad outcomes and this goes on generation after generation because very few of them ever catch the clue that they’re doing something wrong. Conservatives point out, quite correctly, that if we’d just help these people to improve their detrimental behaviors, we wouldn’t have to keep sending them government checks because, over time, they could dig their way out of poverty through hard work and personal responsibility.

But the liberals don’t want to hear that at all.  In fact, I realized something after reading a lot of liberal diatribe on the subject.  The liberals never mention the poor at all when it comes to a “solution”.  They aren’t willing to address the actions of the poor at all, or even suggest that they have any part whatsoever in their “salvation”.  They only have one idea and that’s for the wealthy to give more money to the poor.  Money, money, money, it plays like a broken record.  Gimme gimme gimme!  But giving money to the poor doesn’t actually solve the problem, it just makes it more palatable to liberals who want those poor votes. They don’t want the poor to become successful or they’ll lose the votes when it turns out that the conservative method actually works to pull them up out of poverty.  The same is true of racism and sexism and all of the other things that liberals pretend to be against.  They’re not so against them that they want them to end, that would be costly at the polling place!  So they just talk about it and throw around other people’s money, while carefully doing nothing to upset the status quo.  They can’t have that, can they?

What needs to happen is that we have to teach the poor how to stop being poor.  We need to tell them the one real truth that has been denied to them by the liberals, that their culture has ruined their chances for success and the liberals have lied to them for decades.  We need to teach them how to stop breeding more than they can afford and if that means that they have no kids at all, so be it.  Life isn’t fair.  Get over it.  We need to make them stay in school and get an education, even if it isn’t the same education that they might get in a better neighborhood, it is still better than no education at all.  We need to get them off drugs and out of gangs and tell them to stay out of prison.  We need to teach them a work ethic, to get to work on time, go above and beyond expectations and get promoted.  Sitting in the same low-paying job for years on end should be an embarrassment.  If you can’t improve, there’s something wrong with you! Keep improving and as you do, you can have better things in life, you can afford to have more kids if you want, you can afford to have the big screen TVs and the fancy cars, you have to earn them first, not just whine that you don’t have them before you earn them.  It’s not rocket science but liberals still hate it because it places any of the blame at all on the poor.  Sorry, the majority of the blame needs to be placed on the poor.  They need to start learning how to live life for success, not with their hands out for a government check.

But will the liberals ever accept that?  Of course not, it might cost them votes.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Irresponsibility and the Poor”

  1. Cephus, your ideas for what need to be done are compelling. From what I've read and heard, there are many minority conservatives who essentially agree with you on your main points. So that's a good start. Do you have any suggestions how such a project could get going, with minimal government involvement?

    I'd imagine the startup costs would be substantial, but in the long run, it would pay off well for the US as a whole. The main thing I wouldn't want to see is Congress throwing money at the problem, because that never goes well. Setting up a bureaucracy to handle this might work at the start, but too quickly, that organization would become entrenched and then demand more and more money, just to do the same things (or even less) that it did when it first began.

    Our soon-to-be Republican-controlled Congress would probably nix such an idea from the get-go, while the Democrats have their own agendas, as you pointed out. So who could handle this? Very wealthy individuals? They would likely want their opinions on how to do this enacted, before they would substantially invest. Crowd sourcing might work, but that would still require someone on point to get the whole thing rolling, and then to keep after it, to make sure it doesn't collapse in on itself. How many of us have the time and resources to put our lives on hold to accomplish this?

    Frankly, I'm at a loss how to do this without some individual or group absconding with the idea and modifying it beyond recognition or at worst, embezzling everything they could from it.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't know that it could be done because we have a highly liberalized society that would, as you point out, work to steal the money and shift the focus to something that helps them and their political agendas. That's really the problem, even among the GOP, there aren't enough people who actually understand conservatism and are committed to it to really make a difference. Most people in control of the Republican Party are really just liberals in disguise. They don't comprehend personal and fiscal responsibility and certainly they don't want to keep the government out of the loop. While I think there are a lot of things we need to do, I don't know that the country is in a position anymore to actually do them. Most people don't care, we've trained people for 50 years that the government hands out free money and people don't have to be responsible for their own lives. As much as I wish it were otherwise, I don't see it going back the other way any time soon.

  2. Lincoln never said the words you quote as his. Verifying your quotes shows your regard for truth. If you offer false quotes to support your positions, why would any honest person accept your positions ?

  3. Pulling stuff off the internet because it suits your viewpoint, without any regard for whether it's true or not, is shameful. Please re-think that.

  4. A liberal would latch on to one little thing that someone does "wrong" and just disregard the entire body of work while ignoring a huge body of true fact. Another liberal not wanting to hear the truth. I believe it's called willfull ignorance. Parenting, bad parenting at that is at the core of this. No amount of government assistance can make a person a good parent.

    1. Unfortunately, that's true. There was a time, and maybe it's still going on, where parenting took a back seat to people trying to live their own lives. Children weren't something planned and wanted, they were something that happened when you slept around. No one was willing to sacrifice their own wants and desires for the good of their children, so children got put down in front of TVs and told to do homework on their own while their parent(s) worked and had their own lives. It's no wonder why so many kids are screwed up, they've had to raise themselves and their parents may not have had the benefit of seeing good parenting in their own lives, how can they be expected to pass it along themselves? It's really sad.

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