Political Extremists on Both Sides

extremistFrom time to time, I’ll run into people on the extreme right who are convinced that everyone who isn’t as fanatically right-wing as they are, must be liberal. It means that the overwhelming majority of the planet, even among conservatives, are automatically liberal and they simply dismiss anything that any of them have to say out of hand because, of course, they are liberal.  Now, I’ve started running into people on the extreme left who are pulling exactly the same thing, anyone who isn’t as fanatically left-wing as they are, they’re all automatically neo-cons and therefore not worth talking to.

Of course, the easiest way to deal with these people is to simply ignore them entirely but they tend to be very vocal and, if I didn’t know better, would suspect they were simply trolling, but they are so consistent that I have to believe they are serious.  Now, I’ve had the distinctly weird experience of being accused of being both a conservative and a liberal by two entirely different people, responding to the same post.  So which is it?  Am I a neo-con or am I a liberal?  Well, neither, both people who responded are so far out in left, or right, field that they’ve entirely left the ballpark.

I get the distinct impression when around these people of deja vu and the reason is, they’re almost identical to evangelical, extremist theists. Nothing you say means anything to them, you’re just a sinner of the political sort and unless you get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness to their political god, you’re going straight to ideological hell.  Like I said, the only real way to deal with them is to ignore them entirely but they tend to comment on everyone’s posts and when you don’t respond, they proclaim that they’ve won the fight, even if the only fight was in their own little pea brains.

So how do you deal with extremists of whatever stripe you happen to encounter most?  Inquiring minds want to know.

3 thoughts on “Political Extremists on Both Sides”

  1. Ignoring them is certainly an option. I find that it is sometimes useful to have them define the terms with which they are trying to label me. Then I might be able to show that I fit some parts and not many others. I might then see what they think about using such a broad label to classify me when it is clear that I don't fit all – or even most – of it based on their own definition.

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    1. But you don't think they care, do you? They use labels in a self-serving manner, whether or not it fits you, or anyone else, accurately is beside the point. It just has to work for their own rhetoric.

  2. As a conservative, I see the same from both extremes. Normally I ignore them but occasionally mock them on my blog (as I did twice today to extreme liberals on my blog). For either "side", if the world doesn't turn their way, it's always "the sky is falling" while the remainder of us go about our lives.

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