Horror Show Saturday: Misplaced Loyalties

Gerald RobinsonSometimes you have to wonder if the religious have their heads screwed on right.  Back in 1996, Reverend Gerald Robinson was convicted of murdering an Ohio nun in 1980 in cold blood and he spent the rest of his life in prison until he died July 4 in a prison hospice at age 76.  Yet when it came time to put this murderous bastard in the ground, he was given an official burial by the Toledo diocese, which was widely attended by priests and nuns.  Victim’s rights advocates are upset that they provided the same funeral ceremony for him that they would for any other priest.  Of course, why not, the Catholic Church had never defrocked Reverend Robinson!  They had stripped him of his right to have a ministry, but he was a fully vested priest in the Catholic Church until the day he died.

On April 5, 1980, Robinson stabbed Toledo nun Margaret Ann Pahl at the Toledo Mercy Hospital.  He took a sword-shaped letter opener and stabbed her 31 times, including 9 times that prosecutors described were arranged in the shape of an inverted cross, leading investigators to believe Robinson planned to humiliate her in death.  She was covered in an altar cloth and arranged to appear that she was sexually assaulted. Robinson was questioned in 1980 and the letter opener found in his apartment could not be ruled out as the murder weapon, but there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him.  In 2003, a woman came forward and claimed that Robinson had molested her when she was a child in what she described as satanic rituals.  Robinson was re-examined and enough evidence was found to link him to the Pahl murder.  He was convicted on May 11, 2006 on all counts and sentenced to life in prison. He was only the second Catholic priest on U.S. history to be convicted of murder.  Of course, that means nothing, I’ve already shown that being guilty doesn’t mean much when you hold sway over the religious beliefs of the jury pool and the police force.

Details of the case were described in the book Sin, Shame, And Secrets: The Murder of a Nun, the Conviction of a Priest, and Cover-up in the Catholic Church by Toledo journalist David Yonke.  There is no question whatsoever that Robinson was guilty, there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that he was a Catholic priest in name only and was really involved in the occult, using his priesthood as a cover.  He raped children, which I guess is a badge of honor in some parts of Catholicism and he murdered a woman in cold blood.

And the Church comes out in force to give him a good send-off into the supposed afterlife.  What is wrong with this picture?  What is wrong with the Catholic Church?  Wait, don’t answer that.  Here’s a vile human being wearing a clerical collar and they’re only too happy to call him one of their own and give him a hero’s funeral once he drops dead.

This one leaves me shaking my head and that’s where I’m going to end the week of horrors with Horror Show Saturday.  Next week, back to normal, if anything about religion can be considered normal.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Saturday: Misplaced Loyalties”

    1. But you'd think that all of these priests would get defrocked for molesting kids but virtually none ever are. It just shows how serious the Catholic Church is about all of this. Nobody cares and nobody wants to prosecute the guilty.

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