Horror Show Friday: Islam Gives Right to Kill

Ansar MuhammadIf there was any doubt that Islam is evil, it’s gone now.  A man in Avondale, Arizona, Ansar Muhammad, told authorities that it is his right as a Muslim to kill his wife if he wants.  He tried to do just that as he punched and tried to strangle her to death in the back of their car.

According to authorities, Muhammad was arrested at his home on charges that range from unlawful imprisonment to sexual assault to aggravated physical assault.  Court documents state that Ansar “used his hands during the assault to strangulate and impede the breathing of the victim.”  He told police that he suspected that his wife was cheating on him and that when she tried to get away from him, he said he was going to kill her, which was his right under Islam.  After returning to their home, Muhammad threatened to throw his wife into a nearby lake because she could not swim.

Unfortunately, the belief that Islam gives men the right to do just about anything they want, so long as it’s not to other men, is rampant and widespread.  Men can kill their wives, they can stone their family members for the slightest perceived slights and they think nobody can say a word about it.  I’m sure Ansar is sitting in prison thinking he’s completely in the right and that his wife ought to die by his hand because Islam says it’s okay.

Fuck him and fuck Islam.

This isn’t some backwater third world country where nobody is educated, this is Arizona, for crying out loud and this idiot thinks his ridiculous mind poison lets him override the laws of the United States because it makes him feel good.  He’s wrong and I hope he spends a lot of years behind bars reflecting on the utter stupidity of his Islamic beliefs.  He won’t change his mind, of course, that’s the way religion works, when anything disagrees with one’s religious beliefs, the thing that disagrees must be incorrect!  He’ll get out, just as deluded as he was when he went in, but at least he can’t hurt anyone decent while he’s in prison and that’s a good thing.

So another Islamic turd on the pile for Horror Show Friday.

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