Horror Show Wednesday: Religion Causes More Dead Kids

Travis-and-Wenona-Rossiter-in-courtAnd here we go again!  More death caused by the absurdity of religion and these people even recognize that it sounds crazy and want to keep it out of their trial!  I did touch on this story to a small degree in the past but I wanted to show just how horrible it can really be.

Travis and Wenona Rossiter wanted to keep their religious beliefs out of the courtroom in their  trial that they killed their 12-year old daughter because of their faith healing Christian beliefs. Judge Daniel Murphy, however, ruled that their beliefs constitute motive evidence and therefore would not be excluded.  “The court cannot find that evidence of a religious motive is more prejudicial in this case than the absence of such evidence,” Murphy wrote.

The Rossiters are members of the Church of the First Born, a group that I’ve talked about in the past, who believe that only God can heal and they forego all modern medical care for themselves and their children.  This has resulted in graveyards full of dead kids who didn’t need to die.  Luckily, Oregon has passed laws to punish parents whose kids are killed foolishly like this, but it still doesn’t stop them from leaving the bodies of youngsters strewn across the state.

syble_ann_marie_rossiterTheir daughter, Syble, died of complications from Type-1 diabetes, an easily treatable condition. However, without being able to regulate her blood sugar, death is slow and painful.  Of course, this isn’t a rare occurrence, the entire family has been guilty of this kind of thing.  In 1996, a jury convicted Church of the First Born member Loyd Hays, Wenona Hays Rossiter’s father, on charges of criminally negligent homicide. When his 7-year-old son was dying of a treatable form of leukemia, Hays — whose wife was acquitted — tried to cure him through prayer.  The Albany Democrat-Herald says that in 1981 an 8-month-old aunt of Wenona Rossiter had an abnormal increase in brain fluid that causes the skull to swell. After a 7-month legal battle in which the family sought to keep her from getting medical treatment, the girl eventually underwent court-ordered surgery.

The Rossiter’s attorney, Tim Felling, argued that the Church of the First Born’s beliefs were both irrelevant and prejudicial, and insisted that his clients be “tried for the actions of that day, not for [their] religious beliefs.” However, that’s completely wrong. A person’s actions inform their beliefs.  What they believe is just as much on trial as what they did with those beliefs.  Unfortunately, their beliefs cannot be indicted whereas they most certainly will be.

In another case in Pennsylvania earlier in the year, a couple was convicted and sentenced to 3.5 years in the death of their seven-month old son due to their refusal to seek medical attention.  The horrors continue, I guess, what do we do to force these parents to follow the law and not the Bible?  Not much that can be done unfortunately, except sending health care workers to every home of every newborn to make sure these kids are getting the care they need.  Until then, it’s no surprise that we’re looking at more horror, this time Horror Show Wednesday.

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