Horror Show Tuesday: Abraham Redux

Kymberly Lucas
That’s because God isn’t real.

Something tells me she’s doing it wrong.  A woman in Florida, while reenacting the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, killed a 2-year old girl and attempted to kill her 10-year old brother and then failed to take her own life.  Kymberley Dawn Lucas, 40, of Jupiter, Florida, attended Metropolitan Community Church and the pastor there, Lea Brown, gave a sermon on Abraham and Isaac, citing God ordering Abraham to stop with the sacrifice at the last moment.

When Lucas went home and tried it on her own kids, and it’s really unclear whose kids they were, they were raised by Lucas and her long-time partner but I have no idea whose biological children they were or what their custodial status was, but when she tried it on 2-year old Elliana, apparently God never responded and told her to stop.  Figuring she did something wrong, she tried it again on her 10-year old brother Ethan.  Maybe she finally came to her senses, that God wasn’t going to talk to her, and realized that she was horribly, horribly wrong. Lucas left a suicide note, partially pictured to the right, and attempted to kill herself by overdosing on pills.  She did not succeed.  Ethan recovered and called 911 while Lucas was passed out on the floor.  She has been with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder and as of this writing, is still awaiting a trial date, but prosecutors are saying they will pursue the death penalty.  Good.

So yes, I acknowledge that this woman had some things wrong upstairs, but once again, religion gives the crazy a path to harming others.  The religious, of course, don’t want to see that.  According to Pastor Brown, “There is no comprehension, there’s no reasoning, there’s no answer as to why, it’s a horrible thing that’s happened, and as a minister of the gospel, the good news, my hope is that we will be God’s love to one another.”  Yet you preach horrific stories from the pulpit and those stories are responsible for a young girl’s death.  You’re not directly responsible, but indirectly?  Absolutely.

So more in the body bag in the name of religious insanity and a story for Horror Show Tuesday.  When will the horrors ever end?

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  1. The accused is the former domestic partner of the children’s mother. They had recently split up.

    I remember learning the nasty story of Abraham and Isaac in Sunday School. I was a very good student, and as the story progressed, I thought, “At the last minute, Abraham is going to refuse to kill his son, and God will reward him for doing the right thing!” And I was shocked to my foundation to learn that that was not the message of the story at all.

    I was either eight, or nine years old. I know I became an atheist by age nine. Apparently I also had a mature sense of morality, even then.

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