Coalition of the Disinterested

Bombing ISILObama has said that the U.S. would lead a vast coalition force against ISIL, but it looks like this supposed coalition is either utterly disinterested in actually doing anything against the Muslim terrorists, or they’ve just been bought off by the U.S. into putting in a minimal effort.  In fact, recently we performed some joint bombing operations with several Middle East nations who are our “allies”, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, but really, just how committed are these countries and how much do they really want to work hard to stop ISIL?  The answer is, not very much.  Qatar, for example, sent just two planes for the bombing runs.  Okay, granted, the entire Qatar air force is reportedly made up of 12 French Mirage fighters, they don’t have that much to give but it seems like a token effort and I’m sure that it was bought and paid for entirely by the U.S. government.

The problem is, nobody really wants to take part in this supposed coalition, especially those countries most likely to be directly impacted by ISIL’s actions. They know, as we all should, that military action is not going to stop ISIL and when they get overrun by the Muslim extremists, they at least want some plausible deniability that they didn’t act against their new religious overlords.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of countries that are supposedly part of the 40-member coalition are doing virtually nothing to actually help in the bombing.  Only a very few have committed even a single plane to the fight.  France, traditionally cheese-eating surrender monkeys, at least put in a couple of bombing runs before they ran away from the threat of Islamic violence.  I suppose that’s more than can be said for most and I have to give them some credit for it.

The real problem is, this is not a war that can be won, or at the very least, we’re not willing to do what it will take to actually win it.  I blame this on our utterly failed Middle East foreign policy for the past 60 years, where we’ve stuck our nose into the business of a people who want nothing from us but our absence and we’re unwilling to do that because they have oil and we have a massive ego.  Years ago, I might have said that pulling out of the region and allowing them to determine their own fate might have bought us some good will and perhaps done something to heal the rifts that have formed over the decades, but today, I don’t think that’s a workable solution anymore.

We have been personally responsible for raising several generations of utter fanatical Muslims who hate us because we’ve meddled in their affairs and now, just want to see us dead.  This isn’t a political hatred, it’s a religious one, now totally ingrained into their culture.  They have fighters who are ready and willing to die in order to fight the U.S. and are only too happy to engage in tactics that the rest of the world sees as barbaric to achieve their goals.  These are people who cannot be reasoned with.  These are people who cannot be negotiated with.  These are people who have to be killed, but we simply do not have the balls to do what needs to be done and any politician that even suggested that we carry through on that plan would find themselves on the streets in record time.  The western world simply doesn’t have the guts to make the difficult decisions to fix this problem.

What needs to be done?  In all honesty, I think we’re at the point of mass killing of all Muslim extremists.  That’s a hard thing to say and it will almost certainly backfire on us because it will just generate more extremists from the pool of available Middle Eastern Muslims.  This is, at least potentially, a class of enemy that we’ve never faced.  Even the Nazis gave up against forces of overwhelming superiority.  I’ve heard reports of Muslim extremists going up against impossible odds, willing to die horrible deaths to get their 72 virgins.  These are fanatics.

So what do we do?  I don’t know that there is anything we can do.  Sure, there are things that need to be done but America lacks the will to actually do them.  We want to fly our planes and drop our bombs and somehow believe that American ingenuity will win the day and it just won’t happen against religious fanatics.  They’re willing to die if they can take some of us with them.  They’re willing to kill civilians, just because they don’t believe in the same imaginary friend in the sky.  They know no borders, they know no compromise and they’re not going to stop until someone puts a stop to them permanently.

And we don’t have the balls to do it.  We’re screwed.

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  1. You know Cephus, I have thought about this a lot. Really there is only one solution and its what is completely unacceptable to most, i.e. Nuke them all.

    The more rational way forward is to withdraw everything. All support and aide, I mean everything. Then let the goat herders live their way. Turn away and let them be savage, but let them understand very very well that if they then make one terrorist attack on another country that is not interfering with them its go time. And by go time we mean annihilation.
    My recent post Something has got to give

    1. But you'd honestly have to turn the entire Middle East into a nuclear wasteland, something we'd never do, if for no other reason than we still want the oil. It would also be complete political suicide, you can't go around genociding people and think you'll get away with it. Of course, if we stop supporting them, they'll hate us even more because they'll starve and that creates fanatics too. Neither solution is at all workable unfortunately.

    2. "Nuke them all."

      You are seriously advocating genocide? What a barbaric, savage suggestion. What kind of person are you?

        1. This isn't remotely a possibility. You too must be a genocidal maniac. I think your thinking hear shows signs xenophobic and ultranationalistic tendencies. Neither of these attitudes are healthy. You would appear to have much in common with the likes of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin in terms of the way you think.

          1. Why, those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

            The goals, tactics and willingness of the islamists hasn't changed. Not being willing, nor able to understand the enemy isn't healthy. I appear to have something in common with Thomas Jefferson who faced them head on.

        1. Then it is confirmed. You are a genocidal maniac. ISIL isn't anywhere near having the capability to nuke us. Yet out of a completely unjustified fear you are suggesting and condoning that we kill every person in every Arab nation. Seems to be there is little difference between you and Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Mao in your way of thinking.

          1. Or he is being realistic.

            We are the 'great satan'. You may want to read the last final words mohammed had on how to deal with us, surah 9. There is a reason they enjoy attacks so much. And it's not a fluke.

            The first verse explains why they have such short lived peace treaties. From there is explains why history is littered with confrontations and attacks from islamists.

          2. So whats your suggestion. I mean surely you have some type of suggestion. BTW, I think its important that it be one that works as everything that has been tried so far clearly does not.

            Also maybe you want to consider this option that I put forward, which is rational and justified. Even though it is a tough move, it is real and fair. Unless you think fair is getting killed and never retaliating.
            "The more rational way forward is to withdraw everything. All support and aide, I mean everything. Then let the goat herders live their way. Turn away and let them be savage, but let them understand very very well that if they then make one terrorist attack on another country that is not interfering with them its go time. And by go time we mean annihilation. "

            My recent post Something has got to give

    3. In the race for global competitiveness, unilaterally turning our back on that rich source of black gold really isn't an option.

      Allowing others, China or Russia for example, to embrace the extremists isn't a good option other.

      Continuing to "lead" as a global enforcer is expensive and, as Cephus has pointed out, perpetuates our spot at the top of the list of enemies of Islam.

      The prudent course of action is to continue to stridently oppose Islamic extremism in the court of global opinion, work diplomatically to increase material support from other nations. It's a hard choice to make, particularly when we could turn the place to glass in the blink of an eye. If we speak softly and carry a big stick, ISIS will continue (unfortunately) to target allies such as Canada, all the while strengthening the will of other nations to act.

      And a particular message to a particular nitwit whose litany was tiresome years ago … this is not about Obama.

  2. "…I think we’re at the point of mass killing of all Muslim extremists."

    Being the the self-described, self-anointed foreign policy and military policy expert you think yourself to be, perhaps you'd like to provide a plan as to just how to accomplish this proposal? How do you identify all the Muslim extremists and arrange to kill them all? Have you offered your suggestion to the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon? What reception did your suggestion receive?

  3. I read and pondered this story and issue.

    I don't think that they aren't interested. I think they simply don't want to be involved with Obama, he can't be trusted, doesn't want to win and likes to see islamists win. It makes for a dangerous partnership.

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