Christians Aren’t Better Than Muslims

CrusaderI’ve seen a lot of statements by self-professed Christians that Christianity is inherently better and “more civilized” than Islam and that Christianity would never do any of the things that extremist Islam is doing today.

Don’t you believe it.

Christianity has had a long and very bloody history where murdering the unbeliever and stealing their stuff is standard operating procedure.  Look at the Crusades.  Look at the Inquisitions.  Look at the witch trials.  Christian history is filled with violence.  Even today, we see plenty of Christian terrorism in the U.S.  Bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors, like the murder of Dr. George Tiller in 2009, was committed not by a Muslim, but by a fundamentalist Christian.  In fact, the Army of God has a long history of murder and terrorism, all based around Christian beliefs.  Of course, the whole Christian Identity movement is racist and violent across the board. Anyone who thinks the Bible isn’t filled to the brim with violence has never read the Bible.

The one thing they forget is that Christianity has had the moderating influence of secular society for several hundred years, something that Islam has not had the benefit of.  Before secular society told Christianity to grow up and knock it off, they were doing the exact same thing that ISIL is doing right now.  They just didn’t have access to modern weapons like ISIL does.  This might make ISIL more dangerous, but not more evil than Christianity.  Swords and arrows do considerable damage too when employed against the unbelievers.

I think it’s clear that, at least for the most strident believers, if Christianity had half a chance, they’d go right back to their violent and extremist ways.  You only have to listen to the most ardent Christians out there, the ones who want to impose “Christian values” on everyone, by force, and execute or otherwise harm the heretics, to know this is the case.  It was George Bush that said that atheists can’t be considered citizens that betrays their ultimate view on the situation, even if secular society won’t allow them to act on it.

Add to the fact that, in a recent discussion on public schools and religion, I had numerous evangelical Christians saying they wanted religion in schools, but only their particular brand of Christianity.  All other religions had to be outlawed, but theirs had to be mandated.  The idea that Christianity wouldn’t become extremist, exclusionary and violent in very short order if secular society went away is laughable indeed.

Religion is evil, no matter how you slice it.  Some religion, we’ve managed to neuter and keep under control, although that desire to run wild and kill the unbeliever lurks just below the surface.  Theists may deny it and, in fact, many theists may be completely safe, their violent impulses subsumed beneath secular society and teaching, but there are still plenty who would, in a moment, go out and kill the gays, murder the atheists and bomb the infidels if they could.  It’s part of theology, no matter how hard some people try to deny it.

So get off your damn high horse, Christians.  You’re no better than the Muslims.  You’re all a bunch of irrational yahoos.

3 thoughts on “Christians Aren’t Better Than Muslims

  1. "It was George Bush that said that atheists can’t be considered citizens…"

    To be clear it was George H.W. Bush (daddy Bush) who said this.

  2. I say this all the time to family and friends that Christianity was and as you pointed out in this post is still in many ways violent and backwards in its thinking. The main difference I would say between today's Christianity vs today's Islam; is that Islam has not been domesticated by secularism like Christianity has. In other words most Christians (strictly opinion) don't take their religious beliefs seriously unlike most Muslims (again, strictly opinion) in their daily affairs because of the influence of secularsim, therefore they are going to be less violent than their Muslim buddies or other religious counterparts. Of course, if this secularism were to be reduced or threatened, elements of religious fundamentalism would seep through the cracks in attempt to control people as they are happening all the time. That is why I tip my hat to you Mr. Cepheus and other Anti-Superstition/Relgion bloggers, youtubers, etc. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Sigh. I am Jewish, and even I don't confuse Christian believers with Catholics. You should replace Christian with Catholic everywhere in this biased article and then it would be closer to correct. King Daud (David) was called a bloody king, so we aren't that much better, but sheesh… get off your bias pony ride.

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