Opinions Are Not Offensive

Heavily TattooedI recently had a guy run up to me at work, proud of his new tattoo and wanted to know my opinion.  Okay, I’ve said this before, I don’t like tattoos.  At all. I don’t think they look good on anyone and I find them ridiculous and childish and the current desire for people to cover their skin in permanent ink is idiotic, at least in my opinion.  So I told the guy as much, very nicely, that I wasn’t the one to come to for an opinion on his tattoo and he got offended that I didn’t gush all over him and tell him how cool it was.

What he was seeking wasn’t really an opinion but validation.  He wanted to be made to feel good about something and went to someone who doesn’t think it’s a good thing.  Oh sure, he can do whatever he wants to his body, it’s his right, but I don’t have to tell him it was a good thing or that I like it.  Company policy states that no visible tattoos are to be showing and I have a couple of people who have to suffer with long-sleeve shirts all year long because they decided to tat themselves up.  I don’t care about that, I care if they can do their jobs and, by and large, they are a great group of people.  But you know, if you come and ask me what I think about something, I’m going to tell you. It might be diplomatically, but I’m going to tell you.  If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

We live in a society where people want validation for their actions and they get genuinely upset when someone tells them that they don’t think they did the right thing.  Now I didn’t tell this guy that I thought he was stupid or immature or anything else because he got a tattoo… okay, to be fair, *ANOTHER* tattoo. I just said I wasn’t the one to ask about such things.  He got upset, momentarily at least, because I didn’t immediately gratify his desire to be accepted and admired for his actions.  He got over it pretty quickly, I’m sure he sought out other tattoo-enthusiasts in the office and they made him feel better, but it strikes me as pretty silly that things worked out like that in the first place.  People need to stop asking for opinions when what they really want is approval.  They need to realize that asking someone’s honest impression probably won’t get them to lie to you.  You either want honesty or you do not.  If you want honesty, getting offended at that honesty seems rather absurd.

But I guess that’s what happens when the liberals are in charge.

5 thoughts on “Opinions Are Not Offensive”

  1. While it is true that often times what a person wants is validation when they ask for another person's opinion, you are wrong to state in your title for this post that opinions are not offensive. You are wrong because you don't get to decide for another person whether something you say to them is or is not offensive. There is no external, objective metric for determining whether an opinion is or is not offensive to a person.

    "But I guess that’s what happens when the liberals are in charge."

    This is just assinine.

  2. LOL, I find this amusing, as someone that has tattoos, for the simple reason that I have never asked someones opinion on my tattoos.

    I mean I will show them if asked, or display them on my art blog. But I do not go around asking for opinions, as I got them for myself and its really got nothing to do with anyone else. Basically, not sure why you were even asked?
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    1. I don't know, maybe people just value my opinion but I get asked about that kind of thing all the time. Not just tattoos, but every time someone gets a new haircut or jewelry or anything like that, they come to me and ask what I think. Now personally, I don't care, do what you want, wear what you want, so long as it meets company dress code, etc. I can't tell you how many times employees whip out their cell phones to show me pictures of their kids and pets, etc.

  3. As a liberal that doesn't like tattoos, I am greatly offended by this post.

    Actually, I am not.

    I do like some tattoos if they done tastefully and there is at least some skill behind it. I also don't mind tattoos that represent tribal affiliation, as long as you are part of the fucking tribe.

    But I don't like tattoos on myself and I especially don't like tattoos that are there to satisfy some sort of belonging. A butterfly on your butt is, to me, equivalent to going around affirming your lack of imagination and individuality. That rose on your ankle does not make you a rebel and that polynesian swirl design on your pasty white flaccid body is only going to look worse with time, not edgy and unique.

    So I think we agree on at least some of the Tattoo part. What's the story with liberals being in charge? Last time I checked, I wasn't even in charge of my own home. Let alone society's taste on ink.

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