Horror Show Sunday: Murder, not Prayer, Works

AmeenSometimes you just want your kid to shut up.  So you pray and pray and pray and when that doesn’t work, you kill him.  Such is the case of a Muslim man in Syracuse, New York, when he thought his son was possessed.  Marcell Washington heard some strange whispers coming from his 3-year old son Ameen so he asked his religious elder what he should do and was told to take him to a mosque and read the Qur’an and pray over the boy.  When that didn’t work, Marcell dragged his son into the shower and started demanding to know if he only worshipped God. When Ameen, who clearly had no clue what was going on, said “no”, Marcell held the boy’s eyes open, trying to flush them out with water from the shower, hoping that by “killing a portion of Ameen, it would kill the Shatan in him.”  Instead, after holding Ameen’s head under water for about 10 minutes in this makeshift exorcism, he managed to kill more than a portion of Ameen.

“When I was holding him under the water Ameen was still fighting me really hard,” Washington said later. “After about a couple of minutes Ameen stopped fighting so hard and he started to collapse. After ten minutes or so Ameen collapsed in my arms and I took him out of the shower.”

Yeah, ya think?  Afterwards, Washington looked for a pulse and didn’t find any, but he wasn’t concerned because “I didn’t think he was dead because the pulse of the Shatan is very hard to track.”  No, you idiot, it’s because you just murdered your son.  Geez, some people.  But it gets worse, if that’s possible.

Marcell would do it again if given the chance.  According to one police officer who interrogated Marcell, “He stated that he did not feel he did anything wrong. He also said that his child was better off dead than living with a devil inside of him.”  Welcome to the utter insanity that is religion.

Marcell was convicted of felony murder and hopefully he rots in prison.  Or maybe someone will do the same thing to him, child murderers don’t tend to fare well behind bars.  It’s been suggested that he may be mentally ill, even though he had no history of it and he was found competent to stand trial, but he also said that he heard the voice of God.  So did a lot of other crazies, like Phillip Garrido, the man who kidnapped Jaycee Duggard and kept her for 18 years, said God told him that keeping her captive would prevent him from hurting other people.  Or Brian Mitchell, who abducted Elizabeth Smart, thought God told him that Elizabeth belonged to him and she was to become his wife.  Look at the crazies with their messages direct from the heavens that make them do evil things.

And we, as a society, put up with it until something goes horribly, horribly wrong.  And people are surprised that Horror Show Sunday never ends.


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