Horror Show Sunday: Permission Doesn’t Help

David Scott Lemley
At least he asked first, I guess…

As much as it disgusts me to have to publish this on my birthday, here goes.  In Louisiana, the pastor at New Harmony Baptist Church in Baton Rouge was arrested on charges he raped a 20 year old developmentally disabled woman.  Oh, and he stole a car too.  But it gets worse, much worse.

The girl’s father told Lemley that he could have sex with his daughter, who is described as having the mental capacity of a 7-year old, because Lemley’s wife was ill and he could not get the satisfaction that he wanted.  The father is also in prison on rape and sex abuse charges.

The woman told authorities that she did not want to have sex with Lemley, but Lemley claims that the woman is well known for “making up stories for no reason”.

Now I hate to break it to people, but getting permission from the girl’s father doesn’t really help. It doesn’t make it any more legal and it certainly doesn’t make it any more acceptable.  In fact, there’s nothing in this case that could make it acceptable, even if the victim said yes, she is not mentally capable of making those decisions for herself.  How do these things happen?  People want to get in good with the clergy so they can put in a good word with the imaginary man in the sky.

As happens far too often in these cases, everyone is standing behind the pastor because clearly, “Men of God” can’t do such things.  Lemley’s wife, Kim, says he’s being set up.

Lemley was also charged with automotive theft because he was in possession of a vehicle that didn’t belong to him, which he later gave to another church member who sold it for scrap for $250.  Yeah, they deny that one too.

I have no idea what goes through the heads of these mental midgets.  I’m sure Lemley didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing.  After all, his wife was sick and he couldn’t get the action he thought he was owed so he just took his desire elsewhere and found an available port in the storm.  Sure, he asked but how stupid can one be to think that getting permission to rape a retarded girl makes it all okay?

Oh right, this is a guy who believes in magical friends in the clouds who are really, really concerned if you touch yourself, but apparently don’t care if you rape a mentally disabled woman.  Women are just property, after all.

Hopefully in prison, Lemley finds out what it means to be raped.  I couldn’t ask for more as a birthday wish.  Welcome to Horror Show Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Permission Doesn’t Help”

  1. "Hopefully in prison, Lemley finds out what it means to be raped."

    What this guy did is horrible. And when convicted he deserves a long sentence behind bars. But he does not deserve to be raped. You suggesting he does shows a certain level of barbarity and savagery in your thinking. This is old testament eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth kind of thinking and it is not the thoughts of a rational human being.

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