If You’re Stupid and You Know It…

Ghost-002I think I mentioned this in passing a while back, but I don’t just debate religion, I debate all kinds of ridiculous, irrational claims. The world is full of people who believe in really asinine things for really bad reasons and so long as they get an emotional high out of it, whether their belief is actually true or not is entirely irrelevant.  The same types of views are used for gods as are used for aliens, Bigfoot and ghosts.

Oh yes, ghosts.  That’s where I’ve spent an unfortunately great amount of time lately, trying to show the ghost believers that their beliefs are irrational and unsupported, yet, exactly like with the theists, they don’t care about the truth, so long as their beliefs make them feel good.

And the problem is, these people, who I’d say are at least moderately intelligent most of the time, completely fall into the abyss of stupidity when it comes to their irrational beliefs.  They do the same thing that we see among the creationists. One guy, seriously, just said that there is a difference between matter and energy.  Um dude, E=MC^2.  This is really, really stupid stuff, grade school science and they either don’t get it or don’t care.  They want to be right, even if they’re wrong and nothing anyone says is going to change their mind.  Eventually, rational people just have to throw up their hands and walk away because they can’t get through the thick skulls of the passionate believers.  And no, agreeing to disagree is not a valid position to take, as I’ve said in the past.  But then, believing something just because it makes you happy isn’t a valid position to take either and pretty much all theists and conspiracy theorists and pseudo-science believers take their position on blind faith.  They want it to be true, they really don’t care if it actually is.

The time to believe something is so is when there is actual, objective, demonstrable evidence for the thing and not a moment before. Believing that your house is being haunted by a beloved grandparent because you just don’t want to accept that they’re dead and gone is idiotic. Emotional comfort is never a good reason to believe something is so.  Neither are any arguments that start and end with logical fallacies.  Oh no, so many people can’t possibly be wrong!  Sure they can.  Even personal experience isn’t a guarantee, in fact, I’ve yet to see a single person who claims they had an encounter with a ghost not fail miserably when it comes to evaluating the supposed experience rationally.  The fact remains that there’s no good, logical, evidence-based reason to think these things exist, therefore intelligent people shouldn’t believe it. You know, just like religion.

It really is sad to see how many people are gullible and irrational, even if they keep proclaiming their own critical thinking skills, talking to them for a moment or two shows otherwise.  It’s not just religion, it’s every woo belief under the sun and they all share a lot of the same characteristics.  People need to stop being proud to be stupid and irrational.  People need to stop being gullible.  People need to start thinking with their brains, not reacting with their emotions.  This is why the world is so screwed up today.  There’s no reason to think there are ghosts, just like there’s no reason to think there are gods.  If anyone comes up with any hard evidence for ghosts or gods, present it.  Let it be evaluated.  Put up or shut up.

Of course they won’t and they can’t and I think they know it.  They just enjoy being stupid.


8 thoughts on “If You’re Stupid and You Know It…”

  1. "One guy, seriously, just said that there is a difference between matter and energy. Um dude, E=MC^2."

    Um, dude, this retired science teacher thinks you may have a misunderstanding of matter and energy and of Einstein's equation. This equation reveals that mass (a property of matter) can be converted to energy and energy can be converted to mass. It does not support the conclusion that the two are exactly the same thing, that there is no difference between them. There are in fact several differences between matter and energy.

    One of the differences can be seen from examining the definitions of matter and energy. Matter is that which has mass and occupies space. Energy is the ability to perform work. Work as defined as a scientific concept. "For work, in the scientific sense, to be done, a force must be exerted and there must be motion or displacement in the direction of the force. Formally, the work done on a system by a constant force is defined to be the product of the component of the force in the direction of motion times the distance through which the force acts." (Source: https://www.inkling.com/read/college-physics-open

    • Matter has properties that energy does not. These include color. mass, boiling point, volume, solubility,
    malleability , and pH
    • Matter is made of atoms, energy is not.
    • Objects of matter, because of their mass, have inertia, energy does not.
    • Mass is measured in kg, energy is measured in Joules.
    • Mass (i.e., matter) can be tangible, energy cannot be tangible.
    • Mass (i.e., matter) is a thing, energy is a capability.
    • Mass (i.e, objects of matter) exert gravity force fields, energy
    does not.

    So, it should be obvious to you that there are differences between matter and energy. None of this, however, changes anything you said about the non-existence of ghosts. What we know of matter and energy makes it very improbable that ghosts actually exist. However, I do recommend that you brush up some on the topic of matter and energy and their relationship. Here are several online resources you might consider:

    1. Matter can be converted to energy, that's what Einstein's formula tells us. Energy can also be converted to matter, that's largely what happened in the Big Bang as energy coalesced into matter. But I'm not going to explain basic physics to you, you're not worth it.

      1. I am a retired high school science teacher. During my 22 years in the classroom I taught physics. So unless you are yourself a physicist or a physics teacher, there is little chance you are informed enough to teach me anything about physics – basic or otherwise. You are simply wrong if you think that Einstein's equation means there are no differences between matter and energy and that the two are identical.

        I know that matter can be converted to energy and energy to matter and I said so in my remarks. But the fact that matter can be converted to energy and energy to matter does not mean, as you seem to think, that matter and energy are identical and there are no differences between them. I provided you a list of some of those differences. I provided you links about the relationship between matter and energy, some written by physicists. But I doubt you bothered to examine them. It is obvious that it is you who misunderstands basic physics.

  2. "…that's largely what happened in the Big Bang as energy coalesced into matter."

    Here is an example of how you reveal that you don't know what you think you know. You can't even select the correct words to describe accurately what occurred. Energy did not coalesce into matter. Energy converted into matter. The word coalesce does not mean the same thing as convert.

    Definition of coalesce:
    • come together and form one mass or whole
    • combine (elements) in a mass or whole

    Given the nature of energy, to describe energy as coalescing to form matter is an inaccurate description. Matter can coalesce to form larger pieces of matter. But energy does not coalesce to form matter. This is a conversion process, not a coalescing process.

  3. It is revealing that your reply to me does not actually address the substance of what I said. Do you still maintain that there is no difference between matter and energy? How about addressing the list of differences I provided. Are you seriously going to maintain that these are not differences between matter and energy?

    1. Unfortunately, channels like Discovery and TLC and Science discovered that there isn't much of a market for actual science so they have to go after pseudoscience to bring in the viewers. Far too many people don't care about reality, they just want comforting fantasy, even in their TV viewing.

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