Pointing Fingers in the Right Direction

flashbangIn Habersham County, GA, officials say they have no plans to pay for the medical expenses sustained by a 19-month old toddler when police executed a no-knock raid on the home, following allegations that drugs were being sold, and a flash-bang grenade landed in the crib, causing serious injury.  Now I hear all kinds of whining about how horrible and awful the police are, that they’re heartless and should pay for everything, but let’s be honest, who is really directly responsible for the injury?

THE DRUG DEALER!  Okay, alleged drug dealer since they haven’t been convicted in a court of law, but still, if they hadn’t been dealing drugs out of the home, there would have been no raid to begin with!  It isn’t like the police intentionally threw a grenade into the baby’s crib, they didn’t tip-toe into the room and place it lovingly next to the baby’s head, thinking it would be a grand joke.  It was an accident, a tragic event because they were led to believe there were no children in the house.  There shouldn’t have been children in the house.  Nobody is asking why there’s a 19-month old baby in a drug den!

Now granted, I don’t know enough about the situation, perhaps no one does at this point, but if the parents knew that drugs were being dealt out of the house, then I place the blame primarily on them for exposing their child to that environment.  If they didn’t know, and it’s entirely possible that they didn’t, then I place the blame primarily on the dealer, whoever that happened to be.  So why go after the police?  Because the police are a convenient target and they have money and that’s what this is really all about.

It would be a different thing if the police raided the wrong house, which I’ve seen suggested, even though every story I’ve seen so far has said that it was the right house, the dealer just wasn’t home at the time of the raid.  If it turns out differently, I’ll have to reconsider my opinion in this particular case.  Overall though, I blame the criminal first and the police a distant second, except in cases where the police are shown to be in the wrong.  It’s a shame that an innocent got hurt.  Every effort should be made on the part of the police to avoid these injuries, but by their very nature, these raids are not going to be an exact science.  They can’t be.  There is always a risk of harm, it’s the nature of the beast.  But it isn’t the police who are responsible for keeping children safe, ultimately it’s the parents.  Ultimately the criminal is to blame for the event and I’ve seen tons of people pointing fingers everywhere but at the real culprit.  Tons of people are real idiots.


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  1. Honestly, I feel for the baby. But I also believe that the Police were not at fault, for them to be using flash-bang grenades in the first place shows the expected some type of resistance. It really is one of those situations. Although, I am surprised they are not wanting to pay medical expenses. I would say no to suing for money, but medical expenses seems reasonable.
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