Why Don’t Feminists Understand Reality?

woman wonderingI got into an argument this morning with my breakfast cereal.  No, wait, that’s a George Carlin bit. Start again.  I got into an argument this morning with a feminist.  That’s better.  She was complaining that, now that she was recently married, she had to take her husband’s name and she was sitting online whining that it was her “slave name” or some nonsense like that.

So I asked her if it was a “slave name”, why did she do it?  Why did she get married at all if she thinks it’s an act of slavery?  After all, it isn’t imposed on her against her will, she has to actually sign the documents to get a marriage license and change her name, she doesn’t have to do it and I don’t think anyone cares if she does.  In fact, she agreed with me and said that women should never have to change their names (regardless of the fact that they don’t “have” to do it now). Look at Hollywood!  Most married actresses in Hollywood keep their maiden names, that must mean that’s the way it’s supposed to be!  Well, no.  First off, Hollywood is a special circumstance, the Screen Actor’s Guild requires people to work under a single name and I would assume, although I have no data to back it up, that it would be very difficult, if not close to impossible, for an actress to change her name on screen every time she gets married and divorced, which in Hollywood seems to happen every other day.  For all we know, though, many actresses actually do change their legal names on their marriage certificates, they just maintain the name they’ve always been known by professionally.  If someone would like to enlighten me on how it works, by all means do.

So anyhow, we return to the reality that women choose to change their names, it’s not imposed on them.  Sure, you can argue that it’s traditional, but isn’t it up to the woman and her husband whether or not they’re going to observe the tradition?  Then I had to point out something obvious that she had never even considered.  She was whining about taking her husband’s name when the name she gave up was almost certainly her father’s.  I think her head exploded at that point, she was trading one “slave name” for another and didn’t even realize it. Whichever way she had gone, she’d lost.  It shut her up for a while anyhow.

This is just more ridiculous extremist feminist nonsense.  Nobody cares if  you get married.  Nobody cares if you change your name.  Do what you want to do, work it out with your significant other, but take responsibility for your own actions for crying out loud. I couldn’t care less if you change your name to Felicia Gnu-Firework-CumulusCloud-Smith, whatever turns you on is fine with me, but at least own it!  Don’t make a decision, then spend your time whining about the decision you made.  That’s just stupid, which pretty well describes most extremist feminist thought.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Feminists Understand Reality?

  1. "Why did she get married at all if she thinks it’s an act of slavery?"

    Unless you have left out some part of the conversation you had with her, you are criticizing her for something she did not say. You said she objected to having to take her husband's last name, not to getting married. Yet you write as though she said marriage is slavery. This is not what she said. Characterizing her new last name as a "slave name" is not the same thing as saying that marriage is a form of slavery.

    1. From what I recall, she viewed marriage in general as slavery of sorts and thought, again this is the impression that I got, that she was expected to change her name. I pointed out to her that she had to actually make a request to change her name, she had to fill out paperwork to actually do so, it wasn\’t imposed on her in any way, shape or form. Maybe it was something her new husband expected, I don\’t know, but certainly it wasn\’t anything that society or the government forced her to do.

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