Horror Show Sunday: Muslim Exorcisms Kill Too

New-Age-Islam-threegir400When we think about exorcisms, we tend to think about Christianity, where evangelical groups and Catholic priests run around flinging holy water at things, hoping to scare away demons and devils and other things that go bump in the night.  However, other religions also have exorcisms and in particular, Muslim exorcisms can be dangerous to those involved.  It can even kill them.

Israa Zourob, a 17-year old girl, died at the hands of an Islamic “therapist” on Feb. 2, 2014 in front of her parents and brother. The “therapist”, Abu Khalil al-Zamili forced her to drink a liter of water mixed with half a kilogram of salt in order to expel the djinn, or evil spirit, that was supposedly possessing her.  She died of salt poisoning as the practitioner forced the water and salt mixture down her throat, her mother describes her daughter’s face turning blue as she was “exorcised”, all the while a recording device playing Quranic verses sat next to her head.

Her mother, Um Youssef Zourob, said she “brought my daughter here because she has been constantly hearing words of apostasy and strange noises”.  Following the girl’s death, her parents went to the police and found that they had warned the “sheikh” months before about practicing that ritual.  He had ignored them. The police said that Abu Khalil al-Zamili claimed to have a master’s degree in “Sharia sciences”, whatever the hell that is.  The “sheikh” was arrested for his part in the girl’s death but she is certainly not alone.

Sabira al-Athamna, a girl who died in 1998 in the Gaza Strip, was severely beaten in her “treatment” for a djinn. Doctors report treating lots of similar cases from devout Muslims who go to these practitioners for spiritual treatment and exorcisms.  However, the practitioners are breaking the law.  Article 3 of the Health Practitioner Law reads: “It is prohibited for any person to practice, pretend to or show readiness to practice medicine, whether directly or implicitly, unless authorized to do so.”

Here’s a news flash for you Muslim “therapists”.  There are no djinn.  They’re not real.  Neither is Allah.  It’s all delusion.  Stop killing your patients using medieval practices that weren’t any good 500 years ago and they’re not any good today.  You people need to grow the hell up and deal with the modern world, a world where magic and witchcraft and evil spells don’t really exist.  Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll make it out of Horror Show Sunday.

But I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Muslim Exorcisms Kill Too

  1. I'm not sure which is worse. When millions are killed by the power hungry in the name of communism, or the same kinds of power hungry murder in the name of religion. But it always seems to end up with people dying.

    In this case, more than 90% are kept illiterate so the power hungry can brain wash them even easier. No wonder they are so threatened by little children who think outside their narrow world views.

  2. This is something I didn't realize was happening in Islam, although I am not surprised. Before, I have heard about the djinn and beatings people receive to get rid of said djinn. However, this is the first time I have read about Muslim exorcists that are involved in this. Like you said what is sharia sciences? The only thing I can think off is that its very backward and not science at all.
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