Horror Show Sunday: Faith-healing Deaths Not Uncommon

Faith HealingWith the sentencing of Herbert and Catherine Schaible to 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison for the faith healing death of their second child, I thought I’d look at some other cases of faith healing deaths because apparently, some people think it’s a rare thing.  It’s not.  It’s not even close to being rare.

Unfortunately, far too many theists think that this is just a problem for a few scattered sects and a few backwoods hicks who don’t live in the real world.  Nothing could be further from the truth. While yes, it happens most often in some of the more fundamentalist and evangelical sects, the truth is that any theist can be sucked into the absurd belief that God will take care of their children, thus they don’t have to rely on modern medicine.  That kind of thinking just ends up killing innocent children.

In the same Idaho cemetery that we find the bodies of other religiously-caused deaths like Neal Beagley, whose parents, Jeff and Marci Beagley were convicted in 2010 of allowing their 16-year old son to die of an untreated urinary tract infection, we find many other names as well.

There’s Jackson Scott Porter, a young girl who died 20 minutes after she was born because her parents, who had her at home for religious reasons, provided her no pre-natal care.  When she was born premature, she simply died and the parents don’t regret it a bit.  “That’s the way we believe,” said Mark Jerome, the  grandfather. “We believe in God and the way God handles the situation, the way we do things.”

Or how about Garrett Dean Eells, who died after 6 days of interstitial pneumonitis.  That’s pneumonia that has not been treated.  Again, the parents, members of the Followers of Christ church, allowed God to take care of the problem and refused to involve medical practitioners.

The same is true of Preston Bowers, a boy born with Down’s Syndrome and who similarly died of untreated pneumonia at 2 years of age.

Or how about Rockwell Sevy?  His parents wouldn’t get him treatment and they don’t really regret his death.  “What I will talk to you about is the law,” Dan Sevy said. “I would like to remind you this country was founded on religious freedom, and on freedom in general. I would like to say, I picture freedom as a full object. It’s not like you take “a” freedom away. It’s that you chip at the entire thing. Freedom is freedom. Whenever you try to restrict any one person, then you’re chipping away at freedom. Yours and mine.”  Dude, your freedom killed your kid.  I hope you’re happy.

Then there’s Arrian Jade Granden.  She was 15.  She was a track star at her high school.  In 2012, she got food poisoning and her parents wouldn’t take her to the hospital.  She vomited so much, she ruptured her esophagus.  She died.  Because of religion.

And this name might sound a little familiar if you look up the page a little, but Micah Taylor Eells and Pamela Jade Eells are also both dead.  Micah died of an intestinal blockage.  Pamela died of pneumonia.  Their parents won’t be prosecuted for the lack of care.  Oregon repealed a law that gave religious parents license to watch their kids die, Idaho, at least for the moment, has not.

This is hardly all of them, I could go on and on and on with lists of all the poor dead kids that religious parents have murdered because of their religious beliefs.  This is a small sampling, yet we, as a people, continue to allow religion to get in the way of basic parenting.  We let these people murder their kids.  Why do we do it?  Because religion, unfortunately, continues to get a pass in this country and we simply cannot allow it to continue.  I don’t care what kind of stupid religious bullshit you believe in, once you are responsible for another human life, all of those stupid beliefs have to go out the window and we have to hold them 100% accountable to secular standards of parenting and child care.  If we don’t, we’ll see more long lists of dead kids here on Horror Show Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Faith-healing Deaths Not Uncommon”

    1. Multiple deaths in these religious wingnut families is not at all rare, in fact, if you go through some of these religious graveyards, you see the same name coming up over and over and over again. The number of deaths caused by these religious beliefs is unreal, yet nobody ever calls them on it.

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