Horror Show Sunday: Death for Facebook

FacebookI really get sick and tired of posting all of the horrific stories that come out of the Middle East, all of the “honor killings” and victim abuse nonsense that is so widespread in Islam.  To people in the west, these stories seem so absurd and petty, but if you didn’t think so in the past, you certainly will after this tale of horror.

A Syrian girl, Fatoum Al-Jassem, was convicted by a Sharia court and sentenced to death by stoning.  Her crime?  She opened a Facebook account.  The court, run by the ISIS terrorist group, declared that belonging to any social networking site deserved the same crime as adultery and so, without further ado, Fatoum Al-Jassem was taken out and stoned to death.

And these people think this is a moral way to run a society.

Now I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, ISIS is actually an even more extreme organization than Al-Qaeda, such that Al-Qaeda has severed ties with and decried the actions of ISIS.  It’s pretty bad when even Al-Qaeda thinks you’re too extreme.  The group took over Al-Reqqa, a Syrian provincial capital, in March 2013 and immediately imposed harsh penalties for anything that violated Sharia law.  It requires women to be covered from head to toe and forbids them from leaving the house without a male relative along.  Anyone who dares question ISIS or their policies is arrested and often just “disappear”.  This is the way that a Muslim-run world would look, people.  It’s a good reason never to allow it to happen.

What crazy planet do we live on where just having a Facebook account can cause your death by stoning?  There’s no evidence that she even did anything wrong with her account, the very fact that it existed at all is enough to throw rocks at her head.  What is going on in fundamentalist Islam?  Whatever it is, it’s enough to land it, once again, on Horror Show Sunday.

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