Horror Show Sunday: Bad Spirits, Good Eatin’

cannibalismIn the Philippines, a 56-year old woman was killed and eaten by her three sons who were convinced that she was possessed by a demon.  Neighbors reported strange sounds coming from the home of Musala Amil before her mutilated body was discovered by authorities.  Police say that the body was drained of blood and that some organs were missing.

Her three sons, Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, were charged with brutally murdering their mother and eating parts of her body raw.  I don’t know, maybe it’s a lesser charge if it was cooked?  The men deny trying to kill their mother, they say they were only trying to drive away an evil spirit that they believed was making her sick.

According to local villagers, the men belong to a family that has been cursed.  The townspeople are also completely convinced that the men did what they are accused of and they have been called wild animals by their neighbors.  One of those neighbors, Anwar Emblawa, an incumbent municipal councilor from Datu Abdullah Sangki town, said, “There is an old story about a curse and these three men, according to local folks, belong to a family from a cursed ancestry, from where came these ghouls. For me, being a Muslim, that is superstition, and I don’t believe in that.”

I’ll let that last bit sink in for a little bit.

Even if, for some bizarre reason, these men thought their mother was possessed by a demon and they were trying to drive the demon out, that doesn’t explain their cannibalistic tendencies after she was dead.  I have yet to see a good explanation for why they felt the need to cut her up and make a sandwich out of her internal organs.  Then again, trying to find rational explanations for irrational actions rarely ends well.  Belief in demons and curses and all that nonsense, that’s a remnant of primitive religious belief and as we all know, primitive religious belief is the fastest way to get featured on Horror Show Sunday.

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