The Latest Invasion

illegalaliensdontunderstandlawWe’ve seen a ton of attempts over the years for illegal aliens to skirt American law by appealing to emotion, yet this latest attempt is probably the most horrific and unfortunately, it’s one that Americans are falling for.  Granted, Americans haven’t been that bright when it comes to illegal immigration, especially on the liberal and libertarian sides.  I’m not going to go into detail about why I oppose illegal immigration, I’ve done that in the past and if anyone is interested, it’s not difficult to find.  We’re facing the unfortunate fact that we have an invasion going on right now and it’s time to address it once and for all.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in the number of unaccompanied children entering the country illegally.  Hundreds of children per day, thousands per month, are flooding into the country illegally and are being housed in makeshift camps, internment style, both on military bases (currently 3 of them) and ICE facilities.  These camps are simply not equipped to handle the influx, some of them are bus facilities without adequate sanitary facilities, such that the kids are only allowed to take a couple of showers per week.  This has to stop.

Yet I’m sure it’s tough for Americans who might willingly turn away adult criminal immigrants to do the same for children, yet that’s exactly what we have to do.  As we’ve seen in the past, many countries in Central and South America are using the American border as a dumping ground for their undesirables and their poor.  Guatemala in particular is issuing maps and instructions to kids on how to sneak into the United States and we’re also seeing criminal gangs “renting” kids from poor parents so they can appear to be families when they get arrested.  We’re seeing a huge number of young girls being picked up that have been raped and otherwise abused, many of them younger than 13.  Many of them are being brought for use in the sex trade.  Mexico has issued a huge number of “worker visas” that are little more than government permission for illegals from Central America to pass through their country on the way to the border.

While there’s no question this is a horrible situation, it’s one that we’re just encouraging with our current policy. Under a recent immigration law, anyone caught in the country illegally that comes from a nation other than Mexico must be given an immigration trial before being deported.  The problem is, the system is completely backlogged, with more than 30,000 cases still to be heard.  It can take years for a case to come up and then, only 5% of the illegals actually show up for their trial.  By that time, they’ve already rabbeted into the community, started families, etc. and don’t care if they’re here legally or not.  This law needs to be repealed, every single person who comes across the border illegally needs to be sent back unless they can demonstrate that they have a legitimate reason to be in fear of their life.  Not having a job in their home country is not a legitimate reason.  I think it is not only as important, but much more important to do with these children because they are being sent up specifically to tug at the heartstrings of Americans.  As we see every time immigration reform gets talked about in Congress, a flood of illegals surges north to be in the country if amnesty is ordered.

We must never, ever allow amnesty again.  In 1986, we gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens and said never again.  Now, Obama wants to give them a free ride again, this time to an estimated 20 million illegal aliens.  Oh, and we won’t do it again!  Really!  We mean it this time!

We have laws in this country for a reason.  Immigration to the United States that goes around legal channels is not lawful.  There is a way to become a citizen.  It might be unwieldy, it might be difficult and I’ll be the first to say it needs to  be overhauled, but that’s not an excuse to flaunt the law and pretend it doesn’t apply to you.  The law applies to everyone equally, young and old and just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean that you should get away with violating the law, or that exceptions should be made for you because you’re cute.  The only way to stem the tide is to show people that we’re not going to fall for it.  If we refuse to take these kids in, their parents won’t send them north.  Their parents won’t “rent” them to smugglers and criminals and drug traffickers.  Poor countries won’t go to the trouble and effort to tell their poor how to break into the United States illegally and get away with it. Maybe these poor people will actually stand up to their governments and demand change.  They don’t have to now, change is just a fence-hop away.  It’s no wonder things don’t get better, they don’t have to.

And that’s something we need to stop right this second.

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