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newsI got an e-mail today asking why I don’t usually post about current events and news stories very often on the blog. Certainly, I used to, back in the day, but of late, it’s become a rarer and rarer thing.  I think it’s a fair question and deserves an answer, but I’ll do it here on the blog, rather than in e-mail, if anyone else is curious about the same thing.

1.  Most of the news stories that I’d want to discuss end up on The  Bitchspot Report Podcast.  I have to come up with a minimum of two stories per week and often, I end up finding 5-6 of them, depending on the week.  Therefore, I’m already doing lots of new stories, just not here.

2.  My lead time around here is so ridiculous that by the time most of these stories would come up, they’d no longer be topical.  Currently, as I write this on 5/1/14, my next regularly scheduled blog opening is July 7th.  That means that I’m writing blog posts at least 2 full months ahead of time, not counting the Horror Show Sunday posts that are already fully written and scheduled through October or November.

3.  The other issue, and I suspect the biggest one, is that there really isn’t that much new under the sun.  I’ve kind of talked about this a little on the podcast, but most stories that we cover are just minor variations on stories we’ve already covered.  It’s more clergy molesting kids, it’s more stupid school districts trying to shove creationism into the science classrooms, it’s nothing hugely different because religion really doesn’t change.  Virtually everything that I might do has been done before, only the names have been changed.

Now I have thought about saving one day per week, just in case an interesting story came up, but by and large, when there’s nothing I’m overly interested in talking about, I’d just have to write something quickly or reschedule a different article to fill that hole and that’s a hassle.  It’s just easier  for me to fill the holes as I come to them and not go back and mess around with a good thing.  I currently have almost 50 articles written and scheduled here, that’s more than 5 articles per week on average over the next 9 weeks and I committed back at the beginning of the year to keep it to 4 articles a week.  That didn’t go so well, did it?  I’m honestly writing 6-7 articles per week, every week.  It’s not a bad thing, there’s lots to say, but most of it doesn’t fall under the major breaking news story heading.  If I find something that I feel I have something to say about, rest assured that I’ll pound out a post about it and fit it in somehow, but for the rest, I recommend that you take a look at The Bitchspot Report Podcast. It comes out every week and we spend a long, long time examining the news in great detail.  It might just scratch that itch for you.

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