The Bitchspot Report Podcast #69

Bitchspot Report New Icon It’s our 4th of July show and this time around, we find that Catholics don’t give a damn what the Vatican says, a Wisconsin Christian radio host is arrested for molesting a young boy, a Tea Party official acts unethically and shoots himself in the head.  What a fine Christian!  Surprise, surprise, it turns out that Christians have no clue what traditional marriage is!  Plus, we have a discussion of the recent American history of deposing democratically elected governments and installing horrific dictators because they do what we want. All this and more on episode 69 of The Bitchspot Report Podcast.

7 thoughts on “The Bitchspot Report Podcast #69

  1. Freedom of religion is a curious thing. It liberates us from even facing abuses within our own religion.

    And what do Catholics stand for? I keep hearing your side, but what do Catholics say?

    Other than your inability to fathom why anyone believes in a supernatural entity, the values in that video, do they sound so horrible?

    1. What Catholics say they stand for is irrelevant if what they and their church actually do doesn't support their statements. I don't care what they say, I care what they do and what they defend by continuing to attend a church that permits the horrors that the Catholic Church clearly does support.

      1. Your podcast above kind of destroys your point.
        And I notice you didn't answer my point.

        What is so horrible about the three values at the end of the video? Or are you so biased nothing any Christian might say would be rejected regardless of what it might be?

        1. You're the one not listening. Regardless of what people SAY, I only find value in what they DO. So long as people keep going to Mass, so long as they keep putting money in the collection plate, so long as they keep giving money to the Church to pay off these pedophile priest settlements, they are tacitly supporting what the Church is doing. I'll only be impressed when these people get up en masse and leave the Church entirely because the RCC is a corrupt organization. Anyone who puts their ass in a pew is agreeing with what the Church does.

          1. I'm listening, and asking.

            So, you don't care what a person votes, how they approach government. If there is any religion then you're dead set against them?

            You keep calling religious people bigots, of sorts. How is your approach any different?

          2. I do care how a person votes and how they approach government, those are actions, not beliefs. I care what people believe and why they believe it because beliefs inform actions and actions can and do cause harm. Every single Catholic who sits in the pews and gives money to the Catholic Church has metaphorical blood on their hands, their money is going to support an institution which plainly doesn't care if its priests molest children or they would have taken action long ago to ensure it never happens again.

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